July 2005

What a Series to Miss

So I saw about 2 minutes of this weekend’s incredible series. Ouch. I followed as much as I could, and in fact I caught the postgame Saturday night on KMOX from the middle of Virginia.

Much as it would have been fun to take it all in, though, I had a higher priority: one of my best friends from college got married. It was a great reminder that as much as I love ball and love my job, Job does not equal Life.

Charlottesville, VA, is a beautiful town, btw.

Mostly, though, I’m posting just to say this: congratulations and best wishes, Rena and Evan. We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled ball talk soon.


The Bonds Treatment?

I’ve been waiting for a while for Albert Pujols to start getting the Barry Bonds treatment. At some point, no matter how good the rest of his team may be, I just figured that opponents would get tired of watching Pujols smack line drives around the park. Remember, way back in 2001, when Bonds first set the walk record, it happened despite the fact that there were some other very dangerous hitters in the Giants lineup.

Anyway, it may finally be happening with Pujols. With a man on third, one out and Scott Rolen on deck in a 2-0 game on Tuesday, the Brewers put up four fingers for Pujols and took their chances with Rolen. I suppose it sort of worked, depending on what your goals are. Rolen hit a sac fly to make it 3-0 Cards, but Mark Grudzielanek grounded into a force play (not a fielder’s choice; a force play) to end the inning.

It’s true that Pujols has punished the Brewers even more than other teams this year, and it’s true that the rest of the Cards’ lineup tonight (no Larry Walker, no Jim Edmonds, no Reggie Sanders) is about as unimposing as you’ll see them trot out all year. But it was definitely striking, and I wonder if it will start to happen more often. Bears watching, at least.


The World We Live In, And Ball In General

Welcome to "Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer." The runner-up title was Pepper Sauce, which has a little bit more baseball content I suppose. But on the downside, it’s not a Big Lebowski reference.

I cover the Cardinals for MLB.com, which is a fine, fine job to have. I’m a lucky fellow. If there’s a downside to having a beat, however, it’s that it means I’m not a columnist. So this space will be here for me to toss opinions out there and start some discussion, to report on life from exotic locales such as Milwaukee and Cincinnati, and generally to put a little more personal face on things.

It won’t just be ball, though I do love ball. We’ll talk music. We’ll talk travel. We’ll talk college football.

So here goes.