What a Series to Miss

So I saw about 2 minutes of this weekend’s incredible series. Ouch. I followed as much as I could, and in fact I caught the postgame Saturday night on KMOX from the middle of Virginia.

Much as it would have been fun to take it all in, though, I had a higher priority: one of my best friends from college got married. It was a great reminder that as much as I love ball and love my job, Job does not equal Life.

Charlottesville, VA, is a beautiful town, btw.

Mostly, though, I’m posting just to say this: congratulations and best wishes, Rena and Evan. We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled ball talk soon.



Hi Mr. Leach,
I do believe it would be a great time to releave Tavarez of his duties as a Cardinal. Time and time again he has been a downfall, it is dreadful to see him enter a game when we have a small lead. Why keep him and his poor attitude?


I disagree with Jim. Tavarez has had a couple of bad outings, but he is the second most commanding pitcher in the bullpen aside from Izzy. He was a savior when Izzy was injured, but then most of the bullpen was, save Ray King. As far as his attitude goes, I haven’t seen it become a factor THIS year, but the way he expresses his emotions is part of his culture. I have full trust in Tavarez on the mound, he has just been getting knocked around by hitters lately and I think every pitcher is going to go through that from time to time.

You missed a great series, and I can honestly say it was fabulous ball despite the typical St. Louis summer weather and the fact that the visiting team won two more games than I would’ve preferred.

I’m not sure what you mean about Tavarez’s attitude. He is, as the manager is fond of saying, fearless. He’s demonstrative, but I don’t think that’s really an issue in how well he pitches.

The way I see it, the guy is in a bit of a funk, but overall, he may be the guy in whom I have the most confidence on a day in, day out basis out there.

Overall, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the Cardinals to add an impact reliever, right- or left-handed, if they can get one. But I don’t think they need to be jettisoning anyone just to get rid of them; I just think if you can add one more real front-line kind of guy, you do it.


Taverez has been great in his tenure for the Cardinals (both this year and last). So he had a couple of bad outings, give him a lead in October and I have complete trust that he will hold it.

I take more exception to the comment that Izzy is “commanding”. As closers go, his WHIP and OBA are abolutely horrendous! It makes for exciting baseball in the ninth inning, since the opposition is virtually guaranteed to get a man on base, but I just as soon do without the drama and have a truly dominant closer.

Mr. Leach,

This is my first read of your blog. You said something in your post that prompted me to ask you a certain question. “Job does not equal life.” I agree. But I couldn’t help think of the recent book, Three Night’s in August, which I just completed. I was just wondering if you had any particular thoughts on the book.

I agree. Congratulations, Rena and Evan. And yes, Charlottesville, VA is beautiful country.

See, I read your blog!

Heard any rumors about deals Walt might we working on? I know the subs have been working out real good so far, but I for one would be more confident if we could pick up a decent vet. At least the injury bug is happening now instead of Sept/Oct. Hopefully we’ll get everyone back for the postseason.

You have to be joking about Tavarez being unreliable on the mound. He is without a doubt one of the nastiest pitchers you will ever see out of the bullpen, and to think that any reliever is not going to have slumps throughout a 162-game season is asinine. The movement on his pitches is enough to make the most synnical of scouts druel, and his emotions on the mound only go to show the fiery nature of his competiveness. Tavarez may show a little unnecessary flash from time to time; he will blow a lead once and a while, and he may even let his emotions get the best of him more than he should. Fact is though, you’re not going to find any better mid-to-late reliever this time of the year, unless you plan on giving up some major prospects. His position is not that high of a priority for the Cardinls at this point, and nor should it be. Until St.Louis decides to throw Yankee-type jack at petty dilemas, Tavarez will have to due.

Almost nothing takes a back seat to my love for Cardinal nation — except travel and Thomas Jefferson. It would have been fun to sit in the back of the church and “hot stove” in a loud whisper while Rena and Evan said their vows. (But we wouldn’t be that disrespectful, would we?)

ALL I have to say IF ONLY we were healthy if only………….we be 20 games ahead by now . LETS GO CARDINALS 2005-06-07-08….. lets keep up the good work guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s alright that you missed the series……because I missed it as well. I was on vacation, and I was only able to watch Braves games.

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