Jackrabbit Slim

OK, so that’s a Pulp Fiction reference. Sue me.

Anyway, first off, apologies for the dearth of postings recently. It was a pretty nutty week, with West Coast travel, the trade deadline, etc. etc. etc. I’ll talk ball again soon, but for now I wanted to give a little non-ball insight.

The San Diego-Los Angeles trip is usually one of my favorites of the year, because the weather is always gorgeous, both ballparks are nice… and so on. The one thing that was missing this year was the customary day off in between San Diego and L.A., but life goes on.

I still managed to squeeze in my favorite SoCal activity. After Thursday’s day game in San Diego, I drove out to Palm Desert and spent the night there, then went hiking in Joshua Tree National Park before heading in to L.A. It wasn’t too brutally hot, and the scenery was typically spectacular — though the main park road was closed due to, I believe, flooding.

Anyway, here are some photos of the day, assuming I can master the photo-posting element of this interface. I had a close encounter with a jackrabbit, a less-close encounter with a coyote, and saw quite a few lizards and birds. If this stuff bores you to tears, apologies. I promise a baseball post before the end of this homestand.


*le sigh*

I’m not a journalist, but oh! I am *so* jealous of your opportunity to follow the guys around the country all summer.

The pics of JTNP are cool! Or should I say, hot?

Looking forward to the further adventures of your blog…

Kelly M

Hazelwood, MO

You took a Patty and Selma picture without me?!?

For shame, for shame.

Still though, looks like you had fun.


Just found your MLBlog, and I must say that I do enjoy the Lebowski references.

Regarding the NL west, I think their revolution is over, condolences.

I agree. All hail Lebowski. And our Cards.

Nice photos of the desert.I agree with ksmatthews…I envy you for being in a job where to get to follow baseball’s best team all summer. You lucky dog. AND, you get to spend off days kickin’ it in different places around the country. Sweet gig. Hook me up with a job.

What’s up M? I thought you were gonna have a baseball post before the home stand ended.This will not stand man. This aggression, uh, against the dude will not stand.

I do not want to hear about your hiking trip. Please, let’s talk baseball here.

I might be one of the only St. Louis Cardinals fans in Boston but have been a diehard since 1967. Last year was tough being a closet Cardinals series fan. Had to stay locked in my room away from friends and family to watch the series.

Sorry, kit cat — but as I said at the outset, this blog is not going to be all baseball. It’s been 50-50 so far, and that’s how it’s going to continue.

If you’re not into that, that’s fine. There’s a gracious plenty of baseball stuff all over StLCardinals.com, and I hope you and everyone else will read it and enjoy it. But this blog is a different animal, and that’s the main reason I’m doing it.

And I will have another post very soon.

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