Quick Update: Eldred in, Mulder out

Just a quick update, and I’ll have a full story on it when my notebook goes live in a while. Mark Mulder is not starting today’s game for the Cards, though he’s making progress. He’ll just be bumped back to his regular next turn, probably Friday in Houston. Cal Eldred gets the ball, and according to Dave Duncan, the decision to go with Eldred over Brad Thompson came down to Major League starting experience more than anything. Thompson is expected to pitch in the game.


the decision to go with Eldred wasn’t due to experience. It is because he’d be throwing to more regular season guys rather than Sept. callups, which will be a task saved for Thompson later.

The lineup was the same for Thompson in the 4th, 5th and 6th as it was for Eldred in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Beyond that, Duncan is not a guy who’s given to lying. I asked him if the reason for going with Eldred was that they thought they were likely to get more innings from him than from Thompson. No, he said — rather it was because they liked Eldred’s experience as a starting pitcher in the Major Leagues.

I’m not saying that’s the best reason for making the decision they made, though it might have been. I’m not saying that’s how I would have done it, though it might be. I am saying that’s one of the main reasons they did what they did — along with the fact that Eldred had four days of rest before today.

I think the starting of Eldred makes since with the experience. Also, I have been a cards fan for a long time and this is the first year I think the MVP of cards needs to go to a piece of wood called the Bench. Where would the Cards be without the excellent bench players or I should say the starters. So when help is needed and stranger things happen in baseball the players step up. This is an extra ordinary club this year. So if I could vote for the MVP player of the year it would be the reserves, all combined, would get my vote.

Eldred did a great job as did Thompson and the rest of the bullpen that pitched yesterday. Once again these Cardinals keep paving on no matter whats thrown in their path. I give a lot of credit to Tony LaRussa. Its his way of managing that gives these “supersubs” and others the confidence that they can do whatever is asked of them.
LaRussa should be Manager of the Year hands down. Im tired of the credit in the national league going to Bobby Cox. He is a great manager but it’s LaRussa’s turn to be recognized. Any thoughts from anyone else?

I must admit, Cal Eldred made an excellent start Sunday, but I think Brad Thompson should have gotten the start. Even though, he has little experience in the Major Leagues, I have much more confidence in him. Cal Eldred makes me nervous….And yes, LaRussa should be Manager of the Year for sure.

Eldred did a great job in this start!! Show’s what kind of manager we do have!!!I agree he should be Manager of the year!!! This guy has ESP or what!!!! Should have made more money as a ATTY. Might have been a Supreme court!!! But I’m glad he is here!!! With everybody coming back in the next few weeks. God help the NL!!!!

I agree…the bullpen did a great job in Sunday’s game. In my opinion, there is only one weak spot in the bullpen and it comes by the name of Ray King. He’s a good guy, but it seems that recently when he’s brought in to face one batter, he does not get the job the done. This scares me when the game is on the line like it was today against the Marlins. Come to think about it, he walked a batter the yesterday to. I think it’s time to make Flores the lefty to come out of the bullpen, not Ray King.

OK. Here’s what I think of Tony,Ray King, our bench, and our bullpen.First off,no matter what anyone has to say about the decision to go with Eldred, it was a good decision. Obviously…since he pitched well.If he goes out there and gives up 4 runs in the first,everybody would have been on here complaining.But he didn’t give up a single run, so this time it was a good decision. I do question one part of the rationale though.Why did Dunc and TLR think that Eldreds experience was so necessary that night? Afterall, just a couple of weeks ago we had a guy starting who had *ZERO* ML experience(see Young Reyes).At least Brad Thompson has been in the show,throwing to ML hitters.So that reasoning sounds like it’s either a)Flawed or b)B.S. As for Ray King,I say don’t give up on him.Remember back to just last season when he was magnificent out of the ‘pen.Also I gotta say that I lay blame on Tony LaRussa for King’s struggles.I don’t like how he uses him for one batter,then removes him almost every time.That makes it VERY difficult to remain consistant with control,especially when you’re slumping. The guy needs more work to fix his problem areas.And if you remember back to last year again,King did an excellent job against righties as well as lefties.So come on Tony, let Ray King pitch!!! Now I wanna give more credit to our solid bench guys.They do the job day in and day out as if they were the starters.We wouldn’t be here without them.Thanks go out to Mabry, Nunez,Rodriguez,Luna,and all of the Memphis Redbirds who basically beat the Brewers last month by themselves. Nice job guys!Keep up the good work. But I still gotta go with our man Pujols for MVP.

I read a column on the STL post-dispatch, I think it was that newspaper, about how Kings struggles this year could be attributed to his terminally ill father, battling cancer. So obviously, he deserves a bunch of slack with all that on his mind. go cards.

I don’t know if you even read all of the comments posted on your blog.I’m sure you are a busy man,because I read all of your writing on stlcardinals.com…and there’s a lot.Anyways I wanted to ask you where I can find baseball stats like how many times Edmonds has batted 2nd and his numbers while batting 2nd.Also other recent stats for other teams and players.A friend of mine told me about http://www.baseball-reference.com ,but it is only for past seasons.I tried retrosheet.org also,and it says it’s for pre-1984 baeball games.So is there a site for more current stats?Can anyone help me out here?

I need your help M.And remember…The dude abides.

I do read all the comments, even the ones I’d rather not read.

There are all sorts of different places to get split stats. MLB.com’s splits are actually very good, though we don’t have them by position in the batting order. But if you go to a player’s stats page, and click on “splits,” you’ll get those kinds of breakdowns. We even have double splits — so if you want to know, for example, how Edmonds hits at home with runners in scoring position, you can find that on MLB.com. I’m proud of that stuff, because I helped put together the stats pages way back in 2000-2001.

As for stats by position in the batting order, I believe Yahoo has them under “situational stats,” and ESPN under “splits.”

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