League game, Smokey

Warning: no baseball content ahead.

When I was a kid, and all through college, and even in my first few years after college, I was not only a fan of the sports I followed, but a die-hard fan of about three or four different teams in various sports. As I believe I mentioned in a comment here at some point, I used to be a huge Red Sox fan, but I’m just too ensconced in keeping up with the Cardinals to follow any other baseball teams religiously. I root for my alma mater, but Division 1-AA football and college hockey aren’t the kinds of things you really live and die with.

But there’s one left. One team that makes me suffer when they lose, and dance around with glee when they lose. That’s Florida State football. I grew up in Tallahassee going to games. I was there in 87 when they went for two and lost against Miami. I was there in 91 at Wide Right 1. I got dressed up in all garnet and gold and painted my face for a game at Auburn in 87. I drove to South Bend two years ago to see them beat Notre Dame. And on and on. This is the team that can still make me have a spring in my step days after a win, and make me feel sour for days after a bad loss.

So I almost cried last night. There are no ugly wins in a rivalry. Sure, it may be a long year with the FSU quarterback situation. And sure Miami may be the better team. Heck, FSU very well could lose in two weeks at Boston College. But it had been a long time since I had that tension all day looking ahead to a big game. It had been a long time since I sat in front of the TV, going crazy with every turn in momentum, yelling at the screen and the coaches, all that. And it was great.

Man, I love college football.


I wish you had been there to share the moment! Doak Campbell rocked with excitement and glee in spite of an ugly game. Your uncle (the Miami fan) was gracious in his loss.

Almost crying?

Dude, I was there.


I cant agree more. I am a die hard Michigan fan. Every year there is one game you look forward too, and of course it’s the last game of the year, that’s Ohio State/Michigan. That rivalry resembles the Cubs/Cardinals. Never matters who is better, we all know it’s the Cardinals, or who is having a year you cant wait to forget, when these two teams meet the records are only a second though and the only thing is the mutual respect, and the pure hatred that flows in the veins of all fans.


Most of you have probably never heard of the Arkansas Razorbacks, but in Arkansas it’s all they have. And trust me Arkansas loves the Hogs. Last week the Razorbacks kicked off their post-Matt Jones era of football.The Hogs come in to the season with a great group of young talent. Remember these names,because you will hear some of them again in the NFL. Sophomore WR Marcus Monk is 6’6″, 227 lbs. of phenom. The guy can catch anything near him it seems like. Sophomore FB Peyton Hillis looks like a young Mike Alstott, a bruising runner who has soft hands and can catch it out of the backfield. At quarterback, even though he is 2nd string right now, Alex Mortensen (son of Hall of Famer Chris Mortensen)looks like a smart young leader who is learning the system and making correct reads/decisions in practice. Plus the Hogs have 2 true freshman running backs that look like they could be every bit as good as Auburn’s two guys last year. On defense Reggie Herring is in his first season as defensive coordinator, after taking North Carolina’s defense to the top of the nation last year. Keith Jackson (yes, his son too)is a junior at defensive tackle. He is one of the defensive leaders along with Sr. Vickiel Vaughn. The Hogs first real test will be on the road against the defending national champions. I don’t foresee a great season this year for the Razorbacks, but the future sure looks bright.
And by the way, Tom Pagnozzi is a volunteer coach for the Razorback baseball team. We are glad to have him in Fayetteville. GO HOGS!!!!!!

Man.I have so much to say about the USC Trojans’ thorough romping of my school’s young football team.First of all,no one here was in denial in thinking that we had a snowball’s chance you-know-where to win this game.As a fan of the team,it’s hard to watch a game like Saturday night’s.But as an aspiring sports journalist,I felt like I had to.And to be perfectly honest,I was glued to the TV like I was watching my team win.I watched as USC scored 21 points in less than two minutes of possession time.They went on to put up 70 points against an Arkansas team that looked completely overwhelmed.As I watched the shalacking, though,I couldn’t help but think I was watching my buddies play NCAA Football ’05 on Playstation 2.When Arkansas’ young, inexperienced defense did manage to hold the Trojans to less than 10 yards on three consecutive downs,and even when leading 56-10,USC went for it on 4th down. The Hogs’ D stopped them only 5 times all game.USC went for it 4 of those times and were successfull 3 of those 4 times.4th and 6, 4th and 4, 4th and 11. They didn’t care how much they were leading by,they still wanted more.It was just like when my cousin beats me on the PS2.I don’t understand what they get out of beating up on a lesser team,but I’m sure they are all very proud of themselves.

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