Quick Update: Duncan's suspension halved

Hello, all…

I’ll have more details on this in my notebook, which will be on the site in a couple of hours, but here’s the nuts and bolts. Dave Duncan’s suspension has been cut from four games to two after a telephone hearing with John McHale of Major League Baseball yesterday. Duncan will not be in uniform tonight, though he’s eligible to participate in pregame activities. Since he already served one game of the suspension, he’ll be back in uniform tomorrow.



Sooooooo, since nobody had anything really to say about Duncan and his suspension, its about time we had this inevitable discussion. Clemens vs. Carpenter for Cy Young. We all know who won the game when those two faced eachother last week. (carpenter). Clemens leads the NL in ERA (1.57), opponent average (.185), on-base percentage (.243), slugging (.260) and road ERA (0.52).

Carpenter leads the league in wins, complete games (seven) and innings pitched (220) — and he’s second in ERA (2.21), strikeouts (198) and shutouts (four). So can a pitcher who’s 20-4 with an ERA that low not win a Cy Young? Well, it has happened — to David Cone (20-3, 2.22 in 1988), Randy Johnson (20-4, 2.28 in 1997) and Pedro Martinez (20-4, 2.26 in 2002).

I’m trying not to play favorite by picking Carpenter because I am a Cards fan. But its hard to ignore Clemens’s stats.

It has been 20 years since any pitcher finished a non-strike season with an ERA as low as Clemens’ 1.57 (since Dwight Gooden put up a 1.53 ERA in 1985). If Clemens shrinks his ERA by just a few micro-ticks (to 1.52 or lower), he could end up with the best ERA by any pitcher since Bob Gibson’s “legendary” 1.12 in 1968.

Carpenter has pitched into the eighth inning in 15 straight starts. He’s averaging nearly an inning more per start than Clemens. And Carpenter’s 26 quality starts in 28 outings (92.9 percent) would be the highest percentage by any starter since Maddux in ’94 (24 of 25, 96.0 percent).

I’m glad I don’t get a vote for this one, it would be tough.

The dynamic certainly hcanged with Roger’s struggles last night. But for what it’s worth, I’m waiting another couple of weeks before I weigh in on both Cy Young and MVP. I think both races are interesting and close enough to wait until all the facts are in before I offer my two cents.

Which is not to say that all of y’all can’t discuss it. I’m just saying that I’ll have a lengthy post on both matters before the season is out.

Regarding Duncan’s suspension: I have a quick question? If this incident had not been caught on video by FSN, would this even be a discussion? Just wondering if MLB would have passed these suspensions down w/o the video? Nothing against FSN; I am forever grateful for their Cardinals coverage!

wow ccallier, talk about some serious, plagerism.

Why didn’t you just paste the whole article while you’re at it?

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