Quick Update: Sanders in, Pujols out


As always, there will be more in-depth stuff on all of this in my notebook later this afternoon, so be sure to check that out. But I wanted to make sure to go ahead and get this out there now.

  • First, Reggie Sanders has been activated from the DL. He’s playing left field and batting fifth against Pirates lefty Mark Redman.
  • Second, Albert Pujols is out of the lineup this evening with a sore adductor muscle in his right leg. Unfortunately, Will Carroll is not online right now, so I can’t run it by him as to where exactly that is, but as near as I can tell, it’s in the upper inside thigh — basically, the groin area.

I’ll try to have some actual content soon. In the meantime, I will say this: I can recommend the new discs by both Kanye West and the Rolling Stones. Good stuff; I’ve basically alternated between them in my car for the last week.



Pujols being out is actually a good thing as long as it’s taken care of within a week or so. That made it easy for LaRussa who had to decide when to sit him so he could have time to let his plantar fiscitis get better. I only hope it won’t cool off Albert who has been tearing the cover off the ball.

As much as you want to brag about the Cardinals, Morris stinks and should of been traded for someone that could pitch and field. The only time Morris wins a game is if the rest of the team is hitting. Cardinals have one pitcher among their entire team, but they have done great up to this point with what they have.

One pitcher among their entire team? Have you seen what Mulder and Suppan have been doing?

And Matthew, will the Cardinals get the treatment on Albert’s heel while he is out with this groin injury?

No, that’s not the plan. Apparently Pujols’ heel actually feels pretty good after that one flare-up. Everyone, Albert included, seems to be regarding this as a pretty small deal, with the idea that he should be back by Wednesday or Thursday.

And I agree, I don’t know where one would get the idea that this team only has one pitcher. They’re not invulnerable by any means, but the starting rotation has to be regarded as a strength.

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Cardinal fan living in Houston, it’s tough, but we get to Minute Maid once every time the Cardinals come.

Thanks for your blogs, keep up the good work.

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