Leach's Top-10, second installment

1. USC — Will anybody stay within two touchdowns of these guys in the regular season?

2. Virginia Tech — Their obliteration of a very good Georgia Tech team may be the most impressive showing I’ve seen this year.

3. Texas — This isn’t a case of them dropping in my eyes. It’s just being impressed with VaTech.

4. Florida — That Tennessee win looks better than it did a little while ago.

5. Florida State — I’m still biased, but there still aren’t many teams with two quality wins.

6. Ohio State — Wow. What an evisceration. Iowa is obviously not as good as some (including yours truly) thought, but wow.

7. Georgia — Beating Miss. St. by 13 points is
not necessarily something to go crazy about, but the huge game by
Shockley is encouraging. They go to Knoxville in two weeks.

8. Tennessee — Beating LSU in Baton Rouge at night is a great win. Period.

9. Miami — South Florida, Duke and Temple the next three games? Are you kidding me?

10. Michigan State — I love teams that can do one thing exceptionally well. Especially when that one thing is scoring points.

Teams to watch: Alabama, Cal, Wisconsin, Boston College

Game of the week: Florida-Alabama. I really enjoy watching ASU play, and they’re an excellent team, but I think SC beats them by 20 points. This, meanwhile, will be the most telling game. Is ‘Bama’s renaissance legit? Is Florida’s offense legit? This’ll be great stuff. And though I’m a die-hard Seminole, in honor of my dad, I say this — go Gators!



Like I said last week, I really like VT this year with the return of Beamer Ball. On another note, one of my best friends’ alma matter is ASU, as a result, I’ve always rooted for the Sun Devils. He’ll be at that USC game while I’m sitting in Busch. Go Cards!

Hey Matthew,

Nice job on your top 10. I know FSU isn’t getting any respect in the national media, but I guess we deserve that after the last few season. Look out though, we have a championship defense and incredible young talent on offense that is just getting used to major college football. We are very young, but don’t be surprised if we head to Gainesville 10-0 to take on Johnny’s Gators. Good luck to your Cards in post season.


One of the wondrous things about sport is that emotion can put points on the board and keep them off it as well…so a seemingly outclassed team will occasionally rear up and bite a far superior one! The miracle hockey win against the Russian juggernaut is a perfect case in point. So was the 6-0 win that ended Oklahoma’s 48 game winning streak back in the ’50s. Now, the same team is going up against another juggernaut next Saturday in USC…and more than ANY team in the annals of college football, if ANY team can summon forth the heart and the soul to beat the Trojans THIS team can! In South Bend, under the upraised arms of “Touchdown Jesus” the echoes will once again awaken…Notre Dame 31, USC 23.

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