This is bowling. There are rules.

Hope y’all don’t mind a flood of posts today. Just one more thing on yesterday’s clincher — a few things I observed in the midst of the celebration yesterday.

  • At one point while Reggie Sanders was talking to reporters, he was jumped by a slew of teammates chanting "M-V-P" and dousing him. Unfortunately there is no MVP award for a Division Series.
  • Throughout the celebration, there were little groups that appeared like champagne flash mobs. You’d see one guy signal to 3 or 4 or 5 others, and suddenly they’d all be on one unsuspecting teammate. Funny stuff. Dave Duncan was one of the main victims.
  • Maybe the funniest moment, to me, came when Jeff Suppan and Jason Marquis were near each other. One said to the other — wish I remembered which — "let’s get a picture of the Game 4 starters!" And a photo was taken of the two of them.



I’ve read this this blog for a couple of months (since I arrived in the desert) and it wasn’t until today’s post heading of “This is bowling. There are rules.” that I caught all the references to The Big Lebowski…how dense can I be! On to the NL Championship!

Enjoy reading your blog. I am a HUGE Cardinals fan…originally from the St. Louis area, but have lived in Houston for almost 5 years. These are the days that I really become homesick! There is no better baseball city than St. Louis, Missouri! Here’s to a victorious and exciting NLCS!

I think there should be a Division Series MVP award. Without a big performance from someone, in this case Reggie, the team doesn’t move deeper into the postseason. A hot player here is just as important as one in the LCS or the World Series.

Either a DS MVP, or something I wrote about a few years back. I think baseball should have the equivalent of hockey’s Conn Smythe trophy — an MVP for the entire postseason. You’d recognize a guy who was excellent from the DS all the way through the WS.

When I wrote the column for back in 2001, I suggested it be called the George Brett Award, since he was a guy who was excellent in the LCS and the WS throughout his career.

Obviously it never took off but I still think it would be a terrific idea.

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