Has the whole world gone crazy?!?

Postseason workout days challenge writers in many ways — coming up with clever story angles when there’s not a game, making your travel arrangements work so as to be there for early afternoon starts, etc. etc. This is not a complaint, as I absolutely love the postseason. It’s just that workout days are more of a challenge than game days.

But this is the big one: food. You arrive at the park late morning or very early afternoon, and you’re there until the evening. And there just. is. no. food. The popcorn machine? Turned off. Peanuts? No way. The box lunches that we get on game days? Ha!

So veteran scribes know to be creative. I bring a little bag of munchies — today a granola bar and some potato chips, sometimes some fruit, whatever. And then there’s the sad case of one out-of-town writer, who arrived at Busch Stadium with a tasty burger and fries. He sat it down, turned to speak with another writer, looked back — and his fries were gone.

This, friends, is just wrong. Just plain wrong. I hope they cause great indigestional distress for the person who swiped them.

Now, you’ll have to excuse me. I need to go home and have some dinner. I’m starting to fade a little bit — nothing but a granola bar and pringles since this morning, y’know.



I am so sorry about your food. Meals are like one of the most important matters in my life (besides the Cards)!

I know this doesn’t really fit this category, but, is anyone else sick and tired of seeing the last RBI of John Rodriquez, where Yadier is really safe at second and they call him out? I know, it was only one out, and there were many other opportunities for the Cardinals to do something, but do you think maybe only in the post season, they could have a replay ump sitting up in the booth? I wouldn’t want a game stopped for 3 minutes every time, and not for regular season, but after all the missed calls this year in the playoffs, HOW could 6 umpires miss it? And, WHY do most of the umps think that another ump would question their manhood if their call was questioned? PLEASE take that video off the website…I know they won’t, but I said it.

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