Leach's Top-10

Yes, it’s the baseball postseason. That won’t deter me, or plenty of other scribes, from keeping track of what’s going on on the gridiron on Saturday. What a great time of year in sports — baseball playoffs, the NFL is under way, college football has really heated up, the NHL is back, and NASCAR is going down to the wire.

Anyway, here’s my top-10 going into the weekend…

  1. USC. What else can be said? I think they throttle Notre Dame, which is simply not a top-10 team in my book. (or in my poll)
  2. Virginia Tech. It’s sort of a tossup between them and Texas, but I think they’re a little more solid, a little less likely to have a bad game.
  3. Texas. This is a trap game this week. If they come out, play focused and lay the smackdown on a decent Colorado team, it will say a lot.
  4. Georgia. I saw an interesting theory that none of the SEC teams this year are THAT great, and every time one beats another, we make too much of it. Even so, I like this team a lot. And Pope, their tight end, is an absolute monster.
  5. Florida State. This weekend would be a much scarier game if UVa weren’t underachieving so much. I think the only way these guys get a scare before the Florida game is if somebody really comes out throwing and challenging their DBs.
  6. Alabama. I thought these guys were interesting, but I didn’t see that Florida win coming. I’m still not sold, but they’re undefeated. I’m watching.
  7. Penn State. They’re undefeated, they beat a good team, what the heck. Like Alabama, I’m not sold. But they bear watching.
  8. Miami. Beat somebody, already. UM-FSU would be a very different game right now, eh? Probably more likely 20-17 than 10-7.
  9. UCLA. See Alabama and Penn State. Undefeated, with one very nice win, but I want to see them do it again.
  10. Boston College. I think this team is very strong. They’re physical, they play defense and they can move the ball. There’s a good chance they could finish the regular season 9-2 with both losses coming to undefeated, top-5 teams.

Game of the week: I know I’m supposed to say SC-ND, but that game is just overhyped. ND doesn’t really impress me. Instead, let’s go with Louisville-West Virginia, because believe it or not, one of those two teams is almost certain to get an automatic BCS berth. Ouch.

Teams to watch: Colorado, Auburn, the Wisconsin-Minnesota winner, Texas Tech (see above, "Beat somebody, already!")


If anyone out there has World Series tickets to game 3, I need to trade my Game 4 standing room tickets because of a conflict.

Leach, will you please update your blog?!

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