AL rookie, manager

There’s probably no award about which I’m more ignorant than AL Rookie of the Year.

1. Joe Blanton
2. Gustavo Chacin
3. Jonny Gomes

No disrespect to Huston Street, who is one of my favorite players after covering him at the College World Series twice. But I’ll take a starter over a reliever nearly every day, unless the reliever is both spectacular and rubber-armed. Gomes is a terrific hitter, and I give him the nod over Chris Shelton, whom nobody seems to be paying any attention to.

1. Ozzie Guillen
2. Eric Wedge
3. Ken Macha

Lots of viable candidates here. Joe Torre did a great job, and Mike Scioscia is consistently one of the best in the business. A case could even be made that Terry Francona belongs on the list. But I’ll take Guillen and his 99 wins.



So Wrong!
AL rookie of the year has to be Robinson Cano of the yankees. No mention of him in this colum…..How can you overlook the great year this 22 year old has had.

Manager of the year should go to Joe Torre…..Again not mentioned here…..

What an exausting season he had and to end up in the playoffs? What an accomplishment…..#1 in my book…..

It’s so rediculous to hear Cano’s name among rookie of the year candidates. How many games did his glove blow? …At least a half dozen. His bat is great at second base. He had a good rookie year, but he will not be a marque player in major league baseball, and he was not the best rookie this year. This is yet another Yankee player getting more mention than he should.

I like Joe Blanton as well as Scott Kazmir and I think the rookie of the year award should go to one of these young pitchers. Chacin was very consistent all year long, but will remain a number 3 type starter for the remainder of his career. This shows in the second half stats of Kazmir and Blanton with their respective 2.79 and 2.65 ERA’s in the second half. Chacin’s ERA in the second half was 3.88. I like Kazmir because (well he’s on my team) he had a winning record on a losing team, which is impressive in itself. He also struck out 8.42 batters per 9 innings, while Blanton and Chacin struck out just over 5 batters per nine. Kazmir had very bad control problems in the first half, but once those were under control and he learned to trust his stuff, he became a very dominant pitcher.

Of course with the Devil Rays past, their players are not recognized as they should be. My top 3 are Kazmir, Blanton, Gomes.

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