The biggies in the AL

I already weighed in on both AL Cy Young and AL MVP back in September, and my choices pretty much stand. Johan Santana was simply the best pitcher in the AL this year, and it wasn’t even all that close. A-Rod was the best offensive player in the AL — he led the league in home runs and slugging and finished in OBP, while also stealing 21 bases in 27 tries — and he played solid defense at a valuable position on a playoff team. I love David Ortiz too, but there’s really not even much of a discussion here in my opinion.

As for the full ballots, here’s how I’d go:

Cy Young
1. Johan Santana
2. Mark Buehrle
3. Bartolo Colon

1. Alex Rodriguez
2. David Ortiz
3. Michael Young
4. Miguel Tejada
5. Vladimir Guerrero
6. Travis Hafner
7. Mark Teixeira
8. Jhonny Peralta
9. Manny Ramirez
10. Johan Santana



Whiffs of Colon!

I’m really upset about something. The silver slugger awards. How does the AL batting champion, Michael Young, doesn’t win the Silver bat? This is outrageous. He’s third in your AL MVP list, just above Tejada. Actually, the next three guys below Tejada were more valuable and/or had a better season than the Orioles’ shortstop. When I saw the Rangers play in Baltimore, this guy was a rally-killer. He grounded into double play after double play and left more than 10 Orioles on base in one game. Young was the leader of a great offensive club. Batted 27 points higher, and had 22 more hits than Tejada. Even though Tejada is a great power hitter, Young’s Slugging pct. was only two points less. Both are great hitters, don’t get me wrong, but Tejada had a down year by his standards and Young’s batting stats are more balanced. Take a look at Young’s stats of the last four seasons, he just keeps getting better and better. Both teams had their issues, but the Orioles were surrounded by controversy and self-destructed after the All-Star break. And when the Orioles were winning, it was because of Brian Roberts. You can’t just hand a guy the award because of his track record (that’s what the gold gloves are for), to win the 2005 Silver Slugger Award, you must have the best darn year at your position than any other player. Michael Young clearly had a better season than Tejada.

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