Leach's Top-10

It’s been a while. I didn’t stop watching college football, but the enthusiasm does wane when FSU’s season goes south. Ah well.

1. Texas — I think you can put them and SC in a hat, but I just think they have a larger number of really impressive wins. They’ve been absolutely steamrolling teams that range from rather good (Texas Tech) to not bad and better than you might think (Baylor).

2. USC — Either way, it doesn’t really matter who’s 1 and who’s 2. These are the two best teams, nobody is going to beat either one and we should have an incredible national title game.

3. Alabama — They should have lost to Tennessee. But they didn’t. They’re undefeated, in the SEC, and that’s good enough for me. If they can run the table, though, it will be hard to justify keeping them out of the Rose Bowl — LSU, Auburn and then the SEC title game.

4. Miami — After they eviscerated VaTech, I’m with the pollsters — this is the best one-loss team in the country. I’m absolutely dreading an FSU rematch with these guys. Ugh.

5. Penn State — I love the way this team can put up points. Smacking Wisconsin around was a really good win.

6. Georgia — They were docked way too much for losing to Florida. They always lose to Florida. It’s just the way it is. This is a tough team, very complete, and it can do a lot of things well. I expect them to finish the regular season 10-1 and give Alabama a real run in the SEC championship.

7. Virginia Tech — Still a very good team, they just ran into an ultra-motivated and very talented Miami squad. I wouldn’t want to play them next, that’s for sure (hi, UVa!).

8. LSU — Something about this team just doesn’t thrill me, and I can’t put my finger on it. A win at ‘Bama would change that, though.

9. Ohio State — They have two close losses to two very good teams. If I have Texas and Penn State in the top-5, and I do, then I can’t really dock OSU too much for losing to them.

10. Texas Tech — That’s right, no ND in my top-10. Look at all their supposed signature wins — everyone they’ve beaten has turned out to be vastly overrated. ND’s best win is its loss to USC.

Teams to watch: West Virginia, Colorado, Georgia Tech, South Carolina

Game of the Week: Sure, I could say either of the heavyweight SEC games, ‘Bama-LSU or Auburn-Georgia, but I’m going to go somewhere else. Because no matchup makes me grin this week quite like Florida at South Carolina. The Gamecocks keep getting better, and back-to-back road wins are a nice accomplishment. And you know they’ll be geeked for UF to come to town. This will be great stuff. Can’t wait to see it.



hey mister, we talk about baseball here,,, baseball only..

I am not much for ratings and polls. Kinda of like you, as FSU goes so does my college football interest. I am a Mizzou fan at heart (comes with the territory I guess). Alabama has REALLY impressed me this season. Another team that you didn’t mention that I have enjoyed this year is Michigan. I am also looking forward to the UF/SC matchup this weekend. I like Texas, but honestly I am really tired of hearing Texas and USC all the time. So I was glad to see you mention the Florida/South Carolina game.

Also, to Manar…we love all sports here kiddo. Just love baseball best!😉

Thanks for the varied posts Mr. Leach and for covering the Cardinals so well.

Hey Mr. or Ms. manausa — we absolutely do talk all sorts of things besides baseball here. For reference, please see the very first post:


I write all about baseball all over the rest of this site. If you’re interested, please take the time to read it. I’m pretty proud of it.

On this blog, the topics are more wide open. That’s why I do it in the first place.


Come on now you got give ND some love. They in reality (blind officials -what push in the back?) beat the number one team in the nation and a good Michigan team. They deserve a little love!!

I have to admit, the ND/USC game was a very exciting game. Didn’t get a chance to see the play you are making reference to robertkeen (missed that game!!!!). I think Charlie Weis is great for that program and look for great things to come for ND. I know you are wanting some love from Mr. Leach, but since I made comment on other teams and neglected the “Fightin’ Irish”, thought I would send some love from this direction.

Good Lord! I wish you could re-edit comments and not have to show your mistakes. Oh well, I just realized what call you were talkin about. Sorry for being so stupid robertkeen. See I try to be nice and pass out some love and I end up looking like an idiot. Had a brain cramp; thought you were talking about a call during the ND/Mich game…I missed that one. Sorry again and sorry to M. for making an idiotic statement on your blog. Oh the shame…..

Hey! I, for one, like Mr. Leach’s blog. If you don’t like it manausa go make your own blog. This is his blog and without him we would not have the wonderful “mailbag”. So this is for you Mr. Leach, this is your blog and you can type whatever you want.

What!! Ok first off who are u kidding where is NOTRE DAME. I know they get over hyped but im more then believe there a top ten team how in the world do u have two Big 12 teams there the Big 12 *****. Notre Dames best win was the loss to SC sure, but thats a pretty **** good win infact the closet anyone the LAST THREE YEARS HAS COME..and Texas will get romped by SC in the championship game and ND will romp OSU in the Fiesta Bowl Proving ND and SC are 1 and 2..Im out

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