Two Weeks to Go

Sadly, only two more weeks of college football remain before bowl season. I hate how quickly the season disappears. However, if you watched this weekend, you saw why those of us who are fanatical about the game feel the way we do…

* Reggie Bush isn’t human, and that SC-Fresno game was incredible stuff.

* GT-Miami was a tremendous game with enormous implications, the kind of game that shows off the every-week-is-huge nature of college football.

* And of course Harvard-Yale, where the mighty Crimson triumphed for a fifth year in a row. Congrats to Brown on that Ivy League title, but don’t get too comfortable with it.

* Don’t forget the two great finishes, OSU-Michigan and Oklahoma-Texas Tech.

Just great stuff. Here’s to one more wonderful weekend, and then a memorable day of conference championships in a week and a half.



Did you hear Herbstreet on his bowl predictions? “Virginia Tech will be in the Fiesta Bowl as soon as they beat Florida State in Jacksonville.” Like, he mentioned the Seminoles for the sole purpose of dismissing them.

So here are my Matt’s Mailbag questions:

How is it that I can be MORE TIRED of the NEW things Herbstreet says on live TV than I am of the canned responses to my option play on NCAA 2005 for my PS2?

Will Florida State ever manage to get to go to the Rose Bowl to play a Championship game? If so, will Bobby coach it? (If so, wanna share a hotel room in Pasadena?)

Will my Twins go after Nomar? What about Bill Mueller? Huh, huh? Will they? Will they?

A Heck of a season, for sure. As the Gator fan you know me to be, I enjoyed watching Tennessee fall to the under-.500 mark, accentuated by the whipping the “Ol’ Ball Coach” put on ’em.

The Miami-Tech game was a gem. If Tech had just let the punts roll to an agonizing halt instead of trying to field them it would have been a blowout. They simply owned the Miami offense.

A splendid season, indeed, to be crowned by the impending whipping my Gators are going to inflict on your Seminoles this weekend.

Let all who read this blog know that I tried to raise you to be the Gator fan God meant you to be but you went wrong.

This week your house will be filled with the strains of “The House of the Writhing Son Blues” and YOU will be doing the wailing! Oh woe is you, oh woe is you.

The commentary on NCAA06 on the PS2 really is bad. It’s a shame, because I actually do like the Gameday crew.

As for the ACC championship game, I say what I’ve been saying all along — I’d rather FSU lose by 40 to VaTech than by 1 to Miami. As long as they don’t have to play Miami again, they have one very good thing to point to from this season.

Now, when they beat Florida and are state champs, that’ll be another good thing to point to. But first tings first, you know.

Nomar — doubt it, but wouldn’t be shocked. Mueller would be very interesting.


Well,I wish one or more of you knew something about college football besides who is in the top 25.Everyone talks about top 25 teams and what they think is gonna happen,but no one ever talks about programs that are on the rise or why the same teams are in the top 25 every stinkin year.Matt made one post earlier this year when he said that he heard an interesting opinion that no SEC team is all that strong this year.But no one had anything to say about it,because none of you seem to know anything about it.Well I just want to make a point here.That is TOTALLY wrong.The fact is that the SEC is the strongest conference in the country.The reason it seems like the SEC isn’t very strong is because it is SO strong,they end up beating up on each other in the conference schedule. Every other conference in the country has one or two, MAYBE three teams that are worth anything.The SEC has that many strong teams in each division.So our teams aren’t playing 6,7, or 8 games against weak opponents like most of the other conferences.For example, my school is the Arkansas Razorbacks.We have not had a good season this year or last year.Our schedule this year included Auburn,Georgia, Alabama,South Carolina, and LSU(today).Arkansas also alternates playing Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky(although they are not a football school). And that’s just the conference schedule.We also took a thumping from USC in non-conference play,and we beat Texas in non-conference play two years ago AT Austin.Last year they came to Fayetteville and we almost beat them again but Matt Jones fumbled before what would have been the game winning field goal or TD.This year the Hogs are playing 16 Freshman, including a guy named Darren McFadden who was the first Arkansas freshman to ever run for 1000 yards in his first year. So tell me, how many good teams did FSU play all season? How about Texas or USC? Wait I know. 2 or 3 at most.USC doesn’t even have to play a conference title game.So just to let everyone know, the SEC rules college football no matter who wins the national title.We have the most competitive conference and everyone else plays a bunch of cupcake teams with a few tough games each year.

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