Certain things have come to light, and…

This is disappointing.

Not crushingly devastating, but disappointing. They wait all this time to put out a special edition, and what’s so special about it? No deleted scenes. No commentary tracks. C’mon… you can do better than that. Let’s just say I’m glad I bought the movie long ago and didn’t wait for a special edition.

I did the opposite with Office Space, waiting and waiting and waiting before it was finally given to me as a gift. Within six months, the special edition was released. And I bought it anyway, because it DOES contain deleted scenes and goodies that were worth waiting for.

Anyway. We’ll talk ball soon, OK?



I did the exact opposite as you. I picked up the Office Space DVD 5 years ago, and still haven’t looked into the Special Edition. Are the deleted scenes really worth another $15 for me to buy it again? On the other hand, I never bought The Big Lebowski (only caught it in cable reruns), but at $13 I think I’ll grab that special edition dvd.

Thanks for the advice… I considered buying this as a blind Lebowski fan, but I’ll stick with the one I got for 9.99 at Best Buy.

Mind if I do a J?

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