Greetings and happy Friday to all…

I preface this post by acknowledging that I really don’t keep up with the Cardinals blogosphere like I should. I have a lot of respect for the people who do a good job; I just don’t follow them like I should. I know Brian Walton from the Birdhouse, and I know that’s one of the better Cardinals blogs around.

Until recently, though, I’d never really read Viva El Birdos! all that much. My mistake. It’s a good read, and I’ve added it to my list of stuff to check out every day.

Why do I bring this up, you might ask? Here’s why: the reason I started reading their site is that they asked me for an interview. I obliged, and the results of it can be found at this link.

Please go give it a look, and also I’d advise poking around the rest of the site. It’s good stuff.



Thanks, Matthew and I agree with you about Viva El Birdos. It holds a prominent spot in my RSS feeds list as does this page, of course.😉

Brian Walton

Sorry, this doesn’t have anything to do with your post…I was just wondering. Did John Mabry officially sign with the Cubs? He is not on their 40-man roster, and there have been no reported headlines of them signing him.

Since this is Leach’s blog I’ll try to be nice. What are the Cardinals doing?! I mean we let Mark Loretta and Luis Castilo go to the Red Sox and Twins ,respectivly. Why don’t we stop sitting on our hands and sign someone to play outfield. We could get Juan Encarnacion and have So Taguchi and John Rodriguez platoon in the other spot. Then we can ease Rodriguez into there everyday so that we can get a little younger. I think we can put Luna at 2nd. Going back to my “why don’t the Cardinals sign somebody”, I’ll take that back. We did sgn Gary Bennett and Deivi Cruz (please say this part to your self in a sarcastic tone). If you could please give me and the other fans who think this, but haven’t spoken yet, an answer we would greatly appriciate it. Thanks and sorry if it sounds mean but it is the truth.

Check it out – In an article over at, Jayson Stark ranks your Cards as the #3, um, losers at the winter meetings.

Of course, he took a shot at my Twinkies in the process.

What thinks ye?

So are we trying to finish 3rd in the division next year?? We lose out on A.J. “who wanted to come here” but we are cheap, we let go of Grudz cuz we refuse to give him more then 2 mil. we let go of Reggie and Julian, No way we will sign Matt unless he takes another “Hometown Discount” and our biggest move is trading Ray King for two guys that have never lived up to their “potential” Does anyone else think that we need new ownership?? New Stadium, Constant Sellouts, and were as frugile as the Twins…To the Cards Ownership..WAKE UP THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!

I completely agree with the guy who wrote the article for ESPN. Well all except the Manny Ramirez is the biggest loser. I think you can move the ‘stros and Cardinals up one spot each. I also think the Aaron Miles and Larry Bigbie for Ray King was one of the worst moves this offseason. The only worse one was the Brad Wilkerson and company for Alfonso Soriano. If Texas wanted a major-leaguer, a guy who missed all(or close to all) of last season, and a minor leaguer why didn’t we give them Mike Mahoney, Mike Lincoln, and Jordan Pals. That would’ve give us a quality 2nd baseman for nothing. Add Soriano to my list of 2nd basemen we let slip through our fingers in my earlier post. Someone drop me a line on what you think. Oh, and thank you Mr. Leach for giving us the space to discuss what we think.

Mr. Leach, I do not mean to be rude, but could you please update your blog? It’s been 18 days.

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