A lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of what-have-yous

So, I’m back, and I’m taking the lazy columnist’s way out: bullet points. Let’s talk ball, and other things.

  • Note to Cardinals fans: don’t fret about Jacque Jones becoming a Cub. This is not bad news. The Cubs had no shortage of home run power. They did have a shortage of guys getting on base for their home run hitters to drive in. The Jones signing — for THREE YEARS, no less! — does nothing to solve that. Jones is apparently a solid defensive outfielder, and he does hit some home runs. But he doesn’t get on base nearly enough, and even with some home runs, he doesn’t hit for enough power to make up for it.
  • The bride-to-be and I saw U2 (with Kanye West opening) in concert last week in St. Louis. Excellent show, as always. You know what you’re getting with U2 — I was amused/annoyed by the guy behind us who was furious about the sermonizing. C’mon, guy — what were you expecting? That’s what Bono does. He’s been doing it for 25 years. My gripe, however, was this: someone needs to remind them that they put out two albums after "Achtung Baby" and before "All That You Can’t Leave Behind." It’s as though they’re pretending that "Pop" and "Zooropa" never existed, and that’s a shame. There’s a lot of good stuff on those two discs.
  • In doing a google search to make sure I had the title of this post accurately quoted, I came across this story. It doesn’t really cover a lot of new ground, but if you’re an Achiever, it’s a fun read. This was my favorite part, by far: "There was a Wall Street guy I met who’d drop a ‘Lebowski’ line into job
    interviews and if the person didn’t pick up on it he wouldn’t be hired."
  • Orange Bowl prediction: FSU gives Penn State far more of a fight than anyone expects. They may well lose, but it’ll be close. I’m still not ready to make a call on the Rose Bowl, which I expect to be a truly great game.



I’m not upset that jacques Jones became a Cub. I’m upset that he didn’t become a Cardinal.I think with the way the Cardinals play the fundamentals,it would rub off on him. I think he might draw more walks and become a more patient hitter under the teahings of Hal McRae.And I think the Cardinals are going after a whole bunch of cheap players, so they can maximize profits in their first year or two at the new park.I don’t like it, and I dread what next season will bring.

I am going to think positive about this. Sidney Ponson might end up being a steal this year. The Cardinals had luck with Chris Carpenter and I am hoping the same will happen for Sidney. He is in a great organization to turn around his career and life. I wish him well.

Didn’t know you were engaged. Best wishes. But on the ball side, I don’t think not landing Jaque Jones was neccisarily a bad thing. I mean we just signed Juan Encarnacion, who had the higher average and I believe that the two were close in home runs and rbi’s. This is like getting the same package just cheaper.

They are pretty similar players, which means I’m not thrilled with the Cards giving Encarnacion three years either. But he does seem to have one advantage, which is that unlike Jones, Encarnacion is not trending downward.


Is Sidney Ponson definetly going to be the fifth starter, or does Anthony Reyes have a chance to fill that spot? I’m particularly fond of Reyes; he’s my second favorite (Carpenter is first). I’m really hoping that he gets a fair shot and that they don’t just depend on experience to get wins.

By the way, I love Kanye West – great selection. Only 97 more days!

I don’t get why the Cards would give Encarnacion 3 years and $15 million, but not give Grudzielanek 2 years and like $4 Million, if that. Grud signed a one year deal in KANSAS CITY. He most likely would have signed another one year deal in St.Louis,right? And what about Junior Spivey?I don’t know much about him,but I’m not impressed with his play from what I saw from him against us when he was a Diamondback.

A little movie trivia for ya M. Did you know…that “the Dude” was in the original King Kong movie made in 1976? He played a scientist.

I did not. Excellent tidbit.

Very cool reference to the Big Lebowski. I have seen U2 about 10 times and I think the sermonzing is a lot better than it used to be. Pearl Jam was booed off the stage in Long Island because they refused to stop sermonizing and just play. Eddie Vedder’s ego *****, Bono’s is just funny.

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