Lotta strands in ol' Duder's head

I really do intend to keep this thing updated regularly from here on out. What that means is sometimes you’ll get more substantive stuff (see yesterday’s post), and sometimes you’ll get bits and pieces, like today.

* Uncompensated endorsement: Alterra makes fantastic coffee, has friendly stores (Milwaukee is the most underrated town in the National League, as my colleagues have heard me say ad nauseam) and even reasonable prices. I just opened a fresh pound of their Kona blend, and it’s my favorite coffee these days.

* My friend and professional blogger Brian Walton over at The Birdhouse, has taken the time to refute my post about Preston Wilson, while also saying some nice things about OYNAG in general. Brian raises a very valid point about Wilson’s injury history, as well as about the apparently spacious outfield at new Busch. I think where he and I part ways, however, is when it comes to the length of the contract. If the Cards had taken a one-year flyer on Encarnacion, I’d have liked that deal a lot more than a three-year pact too. The Astros are only on the hook for one year with Wilson, which is the main reason I like the move. Still, give Brian’s piece a read. In the words of Maude Lebowski, "He’s a good man. And thorough."

* Another friend of mine, Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus, sent out a note today reminding people about something very cool that BP is doing. Thanks to Diamond Mind (which I’ve never played but always wanted to), BP is simulating a series between the White Sox and the Chiba Lotte Marines, who won the Japan Series this year. Game 1 was not particularly close. BTW, unlike much of BP’s content, this series is free — no subscription required. Then again, if you’re a baseball fan, you should subscribe to BP.

* As you might expect, I’m very sad to see college football come to an end, but what a phenomenal bowl season. Congratulations to Vince Young and Texas — as well as to SC, who enjoyed a truly remarkable run. Cheers to yet another friend of mine (yes, it’s nepotism day at  OYNAG!), Jonathan Mayo, for tying Minor League Baseball in with college football.

* NFL predictions for this week (winners and losers, not against the spread): Redskins over Bucs, Pats over Jaguars, Giants over Panthers, Steelers over Bengals.


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