Just a short note today…

Sincere congratulations to Bruce Sutter on one of the game’s great honors. I never covered Bruce (obviously), but in my dealings with him he has always been exceptionally classy and graceful. You never know what you’re going to get when you call someone at home, but each year when I called Sutter with the "So, you think this is the year?" line of questioning, he answered thoughtfully. I appreciate that greatly.

So although I wrote yesterday that he’s not one of the guys I would have voted for, I’m personally glad that he’s in the Hall. Now let’s get Goose and Blyleven in.



Many congrats are in order for Sutter. I remember watching him pitch when I was a young boy.He was great. I agree that Goose needs to be there, and maybe Blyleven too. But I still think The Hawk deserves it as well as Ron Santo. And, no, heck no, I’m not a Cubs fan. I just think they deserve it, especially Santo.

Mr. leach,
Could you give me the dimensions of the new ball park. In your recent mailbag, the power alleys are said to be 375 feet, but I had previously read they were very deep, at 390 feet.



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