From the Millennium, Part 1

Greetings from the site of the 2006 Winter Warm-Up, the 10th one over all and the fourth one I’ve been around. I spent much of the afternoon at’s booth in the exhibition hall, helping to make sure that everything got set up properly.

Last night, I found myself thinking, "Man, the weather is really mild for any time in January, but especially for the day before Winter Warm-Up." This weekend ALWAYS seems to be crazy cold, and it was downright pleasant when I walked the dog last night. So, of course, there’s driving snow today. Clearly I jinxed myself even by having the thought. But anyway…

It really is pretty remarkable how much everyone wants to talk baseball in January. We have a CD of a game showing on our video screen, and one person after another stops by, watches for a while, talks about the team. I see friends I haven’t seen since October, and after "Hello" and "How were your holidays," the next topic of conversation is, "What do you think of the ballclub?"

I’m a little less honed in on baseball this year than a lot of winters, because, you know, I’m getting married in eight days. But it’s still fun to be around ball talk again, even if it’s an adjustment.

If you’re coming to the Winter Warm-Up, please do drop by the booth. I won’t be around much — I’ll be back in the media room doing interviews most of the time, but we’ve still got friendly people and cool stuff. So come on by. I’ll be checking in throughout the weekend with updates from here in downtown STL.



Don’t forget to mention the Cardinal Caravan! I’m going to be there today!!

Love the story about Mark Worrel.It’s always fun to hear about a player coming up that is a familiar name.Todd was my first favorite player when I was about 8 or 9 years old.I hope Mark makes it to the show.Keep us posted on him if you hear anything more.Thanks.

How the heck did jay Gibbons get a 4-year deal? You know, I don’t think the Orioles management is very buisness smart when it comes to baseball.

How the heck did Jay Gibbons get a 4-year deal? You know, I don’t think the Orioles management is very buisness smart when it comes to baseball.

Seahawks or Steelers? I say Seahawks 24-21.

My money’s on the Steelers. They look great this year and definetly deserve to win it all.

Hate to argue but… the Seahawks have this guy Shaun Alexander(MVP). and we have seen that he can bring it in the playoffs. If he can’t do it we’ve seen that Matt Hasselbeck can step it up if necessary. The defense also isn’t as bad as people think. Someone else drop a line and give a guess at the score please.

Following in the footsteps of the Great Matthew Leach, I’ve created my own blog. Check it out for me. Any comments would be appreciated.

I have to disagree about your comments in your mailbag. Sure, when you have a healthy Rolen-Walker-Sanders batting 4-5-6, it’s all good to have Jimmy in the two spot. But when you have So Taguchi batting cleanup, it makes no sense to have Jimmy 2nd. His lefty splits are not bad at all. And I am pretty sure that if I was a lefty I would still be more inclined to pitch to Pujols with Taguchi behind him than I would Jimmy.

Had that backwards. Meant less inclined to pitch to Pujols if Taguchi was behind him…

I have to go with Matt on this one. Double plays kill more than strike outs and Jim Edmonds didn’t hit into a lot of double plays. Oh, and thanks guys, for not roasting me on my Super Bowl pick.

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