So now I'm back, from outer space

Hm, interesting… the MLBlogs interface on Safari is missing some of the buttons it has on IE/Firefox. Ah well.
Thanks to the prodding of my lovely bride (yup, she’s no longer the bride-to-be!), I am returning from the ether to post here once again. As I tend to do, I’m starting with a short post and then I’ll pick up the quality/length as I get back in the swing.

First, the news, as promised in a mailbag more than a week ago. As mentioned above, I’m now happily married, and have been for 2 1/2 weeks. It’s quite exciting, and it’s really been a wonderful time. We went to California for our honeymoon — ate good food, drank good wine and spent a lot of time with the top down (major thanks to the nice fellow at Hertz at San Diego airport who set me up).

Now, something baseball-related: I just finished Jonathan Eig’s Lou Gehrig biography, Luckiest Man. And all I can do is recommend it most highly. Really a wonderful book, and not at all just a baseball book. He brings Gehrig to life beautifully, and the research is simply staggering. It’s the best baseball book I’ve read since I don’t know what. If you have any interest, pick it up.

Talk to you all soon.


Congratulations! That’s so sweet!

I am pleased to announce that I met Al Hrabosky, Aaron Miles, Randy Flores, and Yadier Molina several weeks ago at the Cardinals Caravan. They were great guys, and I’m very excited to have Aaron Miles on the team. Yadier Molina even got up and did a salsa dance for everyone. Do you think the website will post any pictures from the event?

Congratulations from the Hen House. I have only been married for 7 moths myself, so I share in your excitement. Almost as exciting, pitchers and catchers report in a few days. I’m anxious for your next post.
-BP from

Congrats on the wedding…Happy to hear that you are back and so excited that pitchers and catchers are in flordia in 6 days!

Here’s to many happy years (take a drink). I’m joining a fantasy league and I was wondering if I could get some advise on who to pick besides Albert Pujols.

Luckiest Man is on the reading list for one of my sports journalism classes at the U of A.I’ll have to get it and read it. I chose for my report Three Nights in August, since I’ve been wanting to read it anyway.If you’d like to learn about an old SWC football rivalry, read Horns, Hogs, and Nixon Coming by Terry Frei.It’s a very good read and provides perspective in the Arkansas/Texas rivalry.And the president came to Fayetteville for the game. It’s too bad that when the SWC broke up,we went to the SEC and they went to the Big 12.

Yo M. If you get time check out,
The Diamond Hogs have a sophomore pitcher from St.Louis named Nick Schmidt. He is a left handed phenom. He has begun his sophomore campaign by tossing twelve consecutive innings of no-hit ball. The Hogs got a combined no-hitter in his first outing…just the 12the no-no in school history. He is awesome. I sure hope to see him in a Redbirds uni in the future.

Hey M I have a question…in an article you wrote “Pitcher’s situations a bit clear” in the housecleaning section it says that So Taguchi, Yadier Molina,Rick Ankiel are not signed yet…whats up with that?

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