I really, really love sunshine. And warm weather. And baseball. Spring Training might be the best time of the year if I had my wife, my dog, my cat and my own bed down here in Florida with me (OK, maybe not my bed, since the place where I’m staying has a king bed). As it is, I miss my little family back in Missouri, but if you have to be away from home, this isn’t a bad place to be.

I’m looking forward to a much more intriguing camp this year than last. In ’05, there were almost no storylines in Spring Training. There were a couple of competitions, on the bench and in the bullpen, but there are only so many times you can ask about things like that. This year, you have at least two starting jobs (left field and No. 5 starter) up for grabs. I’m not at all sure that second base is really open — I expect Junior Spivey to be the guy with room to spare.

Anyway, I’ve just filed my two stories for the day, and I’m about to head out and have some dinner. Big hellos to my beautiful bride, the two furry critters, my parents, her parents, and everyone else I wish could get a taste of how nice it’s been down here. I’ll check in again soon.

Now playing on the iPod: Plans, by Death Cab for Cutie. I’m still trying to come around to it, since I loved their last one so much.

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Hey M-
I have a question…in an article you wrote “Pitcher’s situations a bit clear” in the housecleaning section it says that So Taguchi, Yadier Molina,Rick Ankiel are not signed yet…whats up with that?

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