fun times

The early full-squad workout days are always good for a few laughs. Someday I’ll share my very favorite Fernando Vina story, which involves me, Fernando, Joe Strauss, batting practice on a back field and 10 bucks. But that’s for another day.

For now, the moment of the day happened on field No. 3, with Albert Pujols swinging against John Webb in "live batting practice" sometime around 11:30 a.m.  Webb unleashed a breaking ball that appeared to hit the Most Valuable Posterior, though apparently it actually caught Pujols on the lower back. Either way, no fun. Pujols "took his base" and stepped out for the next batter.

Next time up, of course, Pujols took Webb deep over the left-field fence. And shortly afterward, he said what everyone was thinking. "If you hit me, I’m going to take you deep." Those may not be the exact words, as I was too busy chuckling to write it down, but it’s close enough that you get the idea. It wasn’t malicious, it wasn’t cocky — it was in good fun. And it was true. Good stuff.

For those of you who are interested, and who haven’t taken a look yet, I posted a few photos of my wedding week and our trip to California. There’s a photo album on the left side of the page. If you don’t care, that’s cool too.

Currently playing on the iPod: Digging deep into the vaults with a classic… Blood On the Tracks, by Bob Dylan.


Hi Matthew (M.?),

I enjoyed the story. I once saw Albert cream every one of his teammates in a mini HR derby in Jupiter. He hit about six home runs in about eight pitches (just batting practice, not live batting practice though). It was amazing. I’ll save my favorite story for another time, too. Anyway, I have a Cardinals blog on now also. It’s creatively (or not) titled Rachel’s Redbird Ramblings. Check it out if you find the time, and I hope I bump into you when I’m in Jupiter over Spring Break!

My Dad is currently in Jupiter, I will join him next week. He said the players aren’t signing nearly as much as in years past, with the exception of Rolen. Have you noticed this as well?

Also, are you going to post picture galleries of Spring Training like the Dodgers do? I think us fans up here in the cold have baseball fever and would love to see them!

ditto on the pictures. We Redbird fans would like to see pics!

I’ll try to remember to take my digital camera to the park one day this week and see if I can shoot anything. Might not be worth the time, but you never know.


“On the cooollld hard grooooound”!

Just back from Florida, season tix in hand, and ready to root the Birds on to hopefully finish the job this year!

Pointer on the autographs. Try and catch the Cards AWAY from Jupiter. Much easier to get Cards autographs as not near as many Cards fans lining the fences!

Keep up the good work, Matt! Going to be able to sneak away on Sunday night to catch a Bigger Bang in Lauderdale?

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