"And the raaaiiiiin fell dowwwwwn"

So, it rained today. The first day I wore sandals in several days. Good times indeed. It’s the price we pay for the week-plus of incredible weather that led up to today. Anyway, it was an odd sceen back on Field 4 as the water started falling from the sky.

First of all, the dugout that we scribes were standing under offered absolutely no protection at first. The wind was blowing so much that there might as well not have been a roof. Finally, it was coming down hard enough to chase the players off the field during Brian Falkenborg’s throwing session. More than 10 players, plus coaches, crowded into the small dugout with several of us media types. Overheard during the first lengthy break: "Paradise, my (behind)!"

Finally they took to the field again, only to be interrupted again. And again. And again. At least three or four times, practice was interrupted. Sidney Ponson pitched in what was at times a downpour, and acquitted himself impressively.

After awhile, players and staff had had enough, and the group was brought in. Anthony Reyes threw his "live BP" session in a covered batting cage, and my only thought was how difficult it must have been to pick up his ball in that dark space.

Then, again, practice resumed on the field. It was scaled back, and some players scheduled to swing in live BP did not, but Jeff Nelson did get out and throw on Field 1. It’s intriguing to watch how long they’re willing to wait out a rainstorm in order to get the work in, and we’ll get to see it tomorrow as well, it appears.

Currently playing on the iPod: Elevator, by Hot Hot Heat. Man, I love this band more and more the more I hear them. Apparently if you want jangly, catchy guitar pop these days, Canada is the place to go.

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“On the cooollld hard grooooound”!

Just back from Florida, season tix in hand, and ready to root the Birds on to hopefully finish the job this year!

Pointer on the autographs. Try and catch the Cards AWAY from Jupiter. Much easier to get Cards autographs as not near as many Cards fans lining the fences!

Keep up the good work, Matt! Going to be able to sneak away on Sunday night to catch a Bigger Bang in Lauderdale?

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