Like a martian talking to a fungo

Just a couple of moments from today’s workout…

* As several of us media types were sitting in one of the dugouts before the intrasquad game, hitting coach Hal McRae approached. Feeling a little hungry and having a treasure in his hand, he looked out at the fans on the other side of the fence and made an offer: "a ball for a bag of peanuts." A fan quickly took him up on it, proudly took the ball and ran over to the concession trailer to get the coach some peanuts. Everybody was happy — definitely a veteran move on McRae’s part.

* In coaches games, the Cardinals don’t use live pitching. They have a coach throw batting practice from behind a screen. So on one play to first base, when the defenders turned a sharp 3-6 start to the double play, coach Mark Riggins remained behind the screen. Someone teasingly shouted at Riggins, "Riggy, you gotta get over there!" to finish off the twin-killing.

* The line of the day may have come from John Rodriguez, shaking his head after taking some cuts at Chris Carpenter’s sharp stuff in live BP… "Nice to meet you," he said with a befuddled smile.


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Any news on how Ponson is doing?

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