not ball

Forgive me for a post that most of you won’t care about today, but I have a couple of messages I want to send out…

* Happy 36th anniversary to my parents! Y’all are the model I hope Erin and I follow for decades to come. Congratulations and thank you. And I’ll be calling tonight.

* And happy birthday to my mother-in-law! (man, that’s an odd term to write) I’m glad you were born, and I hope it is and has been a delightful day.

I hope to have a cool announcement coming soon, by the way, so keep checking back. Currently playing on the iPod: Depeche Mode, Remixes 81-04. Thanks to all of you who have sent in music suggestions — I definitely appreciate it.



What about the game with Florida Atlantic? We are counting on you to tell us how players are doing!

M, do you like the music of Sublime? I love it. I got a double CD of theirs. Of course, it’s a greatest hits. It has all of their best stuff. Check it out! It’s called Sublime: Gold

Jody: I had a note on the FAU game in my notebook yesterday. It was actually a surprisingly enjoyable game.

Shaun: I’ve heard all the stuff from Sublime that’s been on the radio, and I dig what I hear. Never have owned anything of theirs, though. There’s a new tribute disc out, which includes Jack Johnson doing “Bad Fish,” and that’s a terrific track. But then I’m a Jack Johnson fan.


That’s awesome. What’s the tribute disc called? I’m a Jack Johnson fan, too. I bet he does “Bad Fish” really well.That song is about Bradley Nowell’s addiction to heroine,although it doesn’t sound like it when you first hear it.Where do you buy your CDs? I don’t want to pay Hasting’s prices or Sam Goody’s or any of the other expensive places.


Nice blog. Been reading awhile, but never bothered commenting. Have you ever thought about an article on how the new potential starters (Spivey, Bigbie, Ponson) are adjusting to the Cardinals environment or something along those lines? Also, what’s the feeling from the “brass” on how they are doing so far? Just suggestions, take them for what you will… Enjoy your time in FLA. Wish I was there watching ball.

Hey M
What happened to the Busch Stadium mailbag?

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