Fantasy Baseball — FULL

NOTE — the league is full. I may set up a free challenge game at a later date.

OK, here’s the long-overdue cool announcement that I promised weeks ago. has set up a fantasy league for the denizens of this blog. (Thanks, GK!) All are invited to play. It’s an NL-only, 5X5 league with a live online draft set for Sunday, March 26 at 8 p.m. ET (7 pm Central).

Best of all, it’s FREE! So come show you know more ball than I do. It’ll be fun. To join the league, follow this link:


(translated, that’s the Obviously, You’re Not A Golfer Fantasy Baseball League 2006)

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Too bad I went thru 15 minutes of a poorly done sign up only to have it tell me the league wasa full.

MLB sites have always had poor internal architecture. This one is no exception.

You might get GK to check into it. I’ve saved a screencap, incase they don’t believe it.

Kinda like the Home Depot circulars in the Sunday paper.

They’re always sold out when you get there.

Currently playing in my mind…

‘By the time I get to Phoenix…the **** leagues are gonna be full.’

Hey, sorry, man. I had no idea it would fill up so fast. For one thing, I had no idea they’d put it up on the MLBlogs main page.

Like I said, though, I do plan to put together a group for the free challenge game. Hopefully a whole lot of people will be able to do that one.


Thanks, but next time you’re gonna do something with readers of the blog, don’t let it get posted anywhere else but your blog.

MLB, you guys still **** !

Now Matthew’s gotta play ball with some schmucks that ain’t Redbird fans !

Sorry for the late notice, but I need to drop out of this league …. I’ve realized I’ve got too many teams already to deal with.

I can’t seem to figure out how to delete my team from the league …. can you do it?

Sorry for the inconvenience ….

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