Roster speculation

With just over two weeks left in Spring Training, here’s my best guess as to the Opening Day roster. This is based on all sorts of things, from playing time in exhibition games to trying to read cryptic comments by the manager to conversations with other members of the staff, and plenty more.

This is not necessarily the roster I would make out if it were my decision. I’m not endorsing any of this. And of course I could be wrong. And of course I could be right as of today and the staff’s views could change in the next two weeks. But here’s my read…

Starting pitchers (5):
Chris Carpenter, Mark Mulder, Jeff Suppan, Jason Marquis, Sidney Ponson

Relief pitchers (7):
Jason Isringhausen, Braden Looper, Ricardo Rincon, Randy Flores, Brad Thompson, Anthony Reyes, Tyler Johnson

Outfielders (5):
Jim Edmonds, Juan Encarnacion, So Taguchi, Larry Bigbie, John Gall

Infielders (6):
Albert Pujols, Junior Spivey, David Eckstein, Scott Rolen, Scott Spiezio, Hector Luna

Catchers (2):
Yadier Molina, Gary Bennett

And in the vein of bracketology, here are the "last five out" by my estimation at this point:
Aaron Miles, Brian Falkenborg, Jeff Nelson, Josh Hancock, John Rodriguez.

Discuss among yourselves…



Your predicted line-up looks to be a great opening day start. I can’r wait to see Junior Spivey in a Redbird uniform. Also looking forward to Scott Spiezio’s contibutions

I expect Hector Luna to move past a few of the mis-cues from last season and to progress to his potential. Albert Pujols gets the mostly well deserved hype.

But I catch everygame I can for Jim Edmonds, Scott Rolen, and the great David Eckstein.

I have been thinking about this all spring whats going to happen with the birds.
I am wondering if they are going to take Duncan to the minors and try him in the outfield and keep him at that position or use him for trade bait. Hector Luna is another I would try to deal for younger prospects he I think is ready for an everyday spot but just not on this roster.

Also I have never been a big fan of Jason Marquis and with his contract being what it is and with the Cards having 2 potentially good young pitchers is it time to deal him also.

As far as the outfield I think you have to have Edmonds in center, Juan Encarnacion in right and Bigbie in left. I really love having So coming off the bench just because he can play all 3 outfield positions and is a dependable bat off the bench too.

Since the young pitchers have
looked so good, I think they

could package Jason Marquis with someone else and attempt to get Jorge Lugo from the Rays. That would make for a potent lineup. He is a potent

2nd baseman and the Ray’s need


That J-rod is not part of that makes me sad. He was there when we needed him last year.

We’ll NEED rolen to be a force, as this lineup will be less offensive than the last few years.

Encarnacion will not be worth the sweat coming off his lousy head.

J-Rod over Bigbie without a doubt!!!!!!!

Encaracion is going to have a breakout year this year just for the fact is who are you going to pitch too? He will get alot of fastball to hit and will really pay off with the change of location.
We need to make some trades though so we can get some future players mainly a 2nd baseman.

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