Sorry, pally, this is BRONSON, Missouri

I’ve been talking about the Pena-Arroyo trade with people in the press box for the last half hour, and I finally distilled why I like it so much for the Red Sox.

I know Arroyo is cheap. And he’s a nice pitcher — people underestimate the value of 200 league-average innings (for example, Cardinals fans tend to underestimate the value of those 200 league-average innings from Jason Marquis, in my opinion). But you don’t give up guys like Wily Mo for guys like Arroyo, for one simple reason. There are a lot more guys like Arroyo than there are guys like Wily Mo.

Which brings me to this question: if you ran the Cardinals, would you have done a similar deal? Would you have given up Jason Marquis, or Jeff Suppan, or even Adam Wainwright, to get Pena? In the cases of Marquis or Suppan, it probably would have taken something else as well. Not because they’re inferior pitchers — they’re not — but because they’re both signed for this year only, and they both make more money than Arroyo.

But even so, if I were the GM of nearly any team in baseball, and I had the opportunity to trade a league-average starter for a guy with absolutely insane power, a guy who has averaged a homer every 15.5 at-bats over the past two years and who JUST TURNED 24, I would have done it. You do it and you don’t think twice.



I’m inclined to agree. I have problems with Wily Mo’s on base % (or lack thereof), but he basically skipped AAA. Arroyo seemed to be the odd man out in Boston.

Part of me thinks Pena could be Rob Deer. Another part thinks he could become Richie Sexson.

I think the Cards need a LF’er, but Wily Mo seems a little risky to give up a starting pitcher.

Minor leaguers, maybe, but no one that is currently in the rotation.

Hey ma, how about some cookies?
No dice.

This aint over.

i’d take that in a heart beat.
[click sound and a wink]


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