Sori? No way. Jose!

I’ve gotten lots and lots of emails already inquiring about whether the Cardinals can or will acquire Alfonso Soriano. And after sending the same answer a few times, I figured this would be a good way to address the issue.

I’m sure it’s a
possibility. I’d be shocked if Walt Jocketty didn’t at least put in a call to Jim Bowden to figure out what the situation is, and what it might take to get Soriano — after all, if he comes crazy cheap, you have to consider it. But ultimately, I have yet to have it explained why the Cardinals would want Soriano.

* He’s not a good defensive second baseman at all. In fact, he’s one of the worst around; Baseball Prospectus rated him as a full 21 runs below average defensively last year. Hence the reason the Nats want
to move him, and not Jose Vidro, to the outfield.

* He’s due to make $10 million this year. That’s a lotta jack, and unless Washington assumed the vast majority of that deal, it wold pretty much preclude the Cards from any other moves this year — such as adding a power-hitting outfielder, for example.

* Now, those things
would be much more forgivable if he were an asset offensively, but he’s not much of one. The past two
years, he’s been in major offensive decline – it’s just been masked by the fact
that he’s played in Arlington, which is the second-most hitter-friendly ballpark
in baseball. In 2004, away from
Arlington, he hit .244 with a
.291 on-base percentage and .444 slugging percentage. In 2005, he got even worse
away from

With all that said, there is a way that the Cardinals could benefit from Washington’s unpleasant situation — by picking up Vidro on the cheap. Vidro makes less money, is a better defender (though not a Gold Glover), is not an attitude case and actually gets on base once in a while.



Nooo.. you can’t have Vidro (you already got Gary Bennett – yes, he has fans!). But I’m pretty sure you can have Soriano really cheap – like one of those consignment shops where the price drops as more time passes! The last thing Nats fans need is to lose a consistent player only to be replaced by one they didn’t want here to begin with. The morale around the team is dangerously low with the ownership situation, the (hopefully resolved) stadium situation, and losing favorite players after only one season. We do not need to be setting new precendents in our 2nd season!

Vidro is definitely the prize to be had from this situation. You have to think that the Nats will eventually come around to the idea of moving one of them to appease Soriano, who they clearly like offensively.

The Nationals are also a team in need of a legitimate starting pitcher, which we can offer.

Honestly, who do you think will be the second baseman this coming up year.

It’ll be Spivey to start the season, I think. As to whether they’ll make a move at some point, I don’t know.

But remember, it’s still Spring Training. Don’t write off Spivey yet.


OK lets get of the SORI story if the Cards want an over priced baby we should talk with the L.A. Dodgers and make a deal for Jeff Kent. The best bet for us would be to make a trade to the Tigers for Omar Infante or even and here is a crazy thing to even talk about trade to the O’s for Brian Roberts. I like both players for an everyday player the trade could involve Jeff Suppan or Jason Marquis and in all reality Luna.

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