Quick update: Ponson is fifth starter

I’ll have a full story on this later today, but for now here’s the quick-and-dirty:

Sidney Ponson will be the Cardinals fifth starter, as confirmed by Tony La Russa today. Anthony Reyes has been optioned to Memphis, and Adam Wainwright will, for now, pitch in relief. Wainwright is in competition for a spot in the bullpen.

Also sent out today were Tyler Johnson, Carmen Cali and Michel Hernandez. The Cardinals will go with five right-handed relievers and two lefties, with four pitchers still competing for the last two spots. What’s odd is that there are five right-handers still nominally in the mix, not counting Juan Mateo, who is not going to make the club — Wainwright, Josh Hancock, Brian Falkenborg, Jeff Nelson and Alan Benes.



Not that much of a surprise really!

No, not at all. Fully expected. The surprise, to me, is that they announced it so early.

Clarification —

I asked La Russa about the “four guys for two spots” thing after the game, and he told me he had misspoken. He intended to say five. Just for what it’s worth.

I just hope Ponson stays out of trouble with the law, considering his record.

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