Roster speculation, revisited

Here we go with round two.

The same caveats apply as before, but here’s my second look at how I see the roster. Obviously I was off more than once or twice the last time, so take it for what it’s worth.

Starting pitchers (5):
Chris Carpenter, Mark Mulder, Jason Marquis, Jeff Suppan, Sidney Ponson

Relief pitchers (7):
Jason Isringhausen, Braden Looper, Ricardo Rincon, Randy Flores, Brad Thompson, Adam Wainwright, Josh Hancock

Outfielders (5):
Jim Edmonds, Juan Encarnacion, So Taguchi, John Rodriguez, Skip Schumaker

Infielders (6):
Albert Pujols, Junior Spivey, Scott Rolen, David Eckstein, Scott Spiezio, Aaron Miles

Catchers (2):
Yadier Molina, Gary Bennett

Disabled list (2):
Larry Bigbie, Rick Ankiel

Last three on:
Hancock, Schumaker, Miles

Last three off:
Brian Falkenborg, John Gall, Hector Luna

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Matthew what is your opinion on Wainwright for the bullpen? Do you think he would benefit more from work once a week for an inning up here or getting the ball once every 5 days in AAA?

Or do you expect that if he was in the bullpen he would have a major role?

I actually am a big fan of breaking in young pitchers with relief work. I think it helps them, especially in the case of a guy like Wainwright who has been there and done that in Triple-A.


Schumaker over Gall is an interesting take. I think that Gall has the advantage because he gives Tony a right-handed bat off the bench with some pop. Tony has also liked Gall’s attitude this spring. Schumaker has had a good spring and is much better defensively. I call this one a toss up.

I totally disagree with you on Miles over Luna. Miles is really a 2B. Luna can play 2B, SS, 3B and even the OF! Tony has publicly stated that Miles needs to be more versatile. I don’t think he can learn to play SS or 3B this spring. His injury really set him back.

I agree with you on the pitchers unless they want to keep Nelson instead of Hancock. I believe Hancock has options so they can send him to Memphis and see how Nelson does in April. Do you know if Hancock has options?

Good outing from Wainwright today…

What about keeping Miles and Luna and getting rid of Spivey?

Spivey is having a horrible spring. Could he be done? I know that management likes him and they think he will be ok and it’s only spring training but he just looks bad. Maybe take a chance on a Miles/Luna combo.

Hancock doesn’t need options, because he’s on a Minor League contract. He’s not on the 40-man roster. If they choose not to keep him, they just re-assign him to Minor League camp.


1.)Just a quickie about Bradon Looper.Going,going,GONE.I’ve seen throw because I live on the east coast.Cardinal fans will not be happy,unless they like 350’souvenirs.
2.)Get Nunez back.He’s not a starter for the Pillies and he could start for us.

3.)LF;relax Walt will do a mid-season deal there if needed- Rodriguez and Schumaker have a better chance at success than anyone at 2B.

4.)M.LEACH IS RIGHT-I can’t believe I typed that- bat Edmounds 2nd OBP ahead of Pujols always.

5.)Cards will win 93 to 96 games this year,win their division and play for NLC.

P.S.- Yeah I know I left the “h” out of Phillies.SORRY!

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