Nelson, Daubach out

I’ll have more on this later, but here’s the nitty-gritty for the time being. The Cardinals re-assigned Brian Daubach to Minor League camp this afternoon, and released Jeff Nelson.

Tony La Russa said before the game that there would be four moves, but didn’t explain afterward why there were only two. More may be in the offing tomorrow, or they may not.


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They had tough competition for so few spots. However,I thought both of those guys played their way onto the opening day roster and would liked to have seen that. With Bigbie out, Daubach would have been a solid left-handed bat off the bench, is a servicable OF in a pinch and decent backup 1B. Another Dane Iorg, perhaps. Too bad Daubach couldn’t play 2B.

I thought Nelson was doing a better job of getting left-handed batters out than the two lefty releivers that will be on the roster. Plus, Looper hasn’t exactly won my confidence in the set-up role. I thought we were looking at a RH middle relief staff of Wainright and Hancock as two pitcher who could move in as starters in the event of an injury along with Nelson as a savy vet who knows how to pitch and get an out. That would have left Thompson being given a shot at the setup role with Looper, Benes and Falkenborg being sent to Memphis to “season” the roles they’ll be called up to do at a later date.

But, I’m just an armchair manager having some fun. This is why Tony/Dunc get paid the big bucks. And for what it’s worth, I open the season with Chris Duncan in left and batting sixth until Bigbie is re-activated, then send him to Memphis to “season” some more.

And, for what it’s worth, I thought at the time with how tough it is to land a real good LH relief pitcher that the Cards acted too hastily in getting rid of Ray King, especially for what we got in return. And the early returns are we will desperately need a solid LH releiver this year over what we’ll get out of Bigbie and Miles, although Miles may be our best bet of the three 2B thus far.

Can’t wait for Opening Day!

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