Quick updates: Wainwright in; Duncan, Cruz, Gall out

I’ll have more in my notes later, but here’s the quick update…

Deivi Cruz has been released, and Chris Duncan and John Gall have been optioned to Memphis. That leaves, basically, five guys for four spots — Skip Schumaker, John Rodriguez, Scott Spiezio, Hector Luna and Aaron Miles. Tony La Russa wouldn’t commit to whether he would take 4 or 5 outfielders — that is, he wouldn’t guarantee that both Schumaker and Rodriguez will make the club. The chances, however, look good for both of them.

Additionally, La Russa said, and I quote, "You can say Wainwright’s on the club." That leaves three guys for one bullpen spot — Brian Falkenborg, Josh Hancock and Alan Benes. I’m of the opinion that Hancock is in the lead, but nothing is for certain yet.



Interesting, but not surprising moves. Cruz had no chance to make it without an impressive ST. They didn’t want to rush Duncan and I think Gall would have had a better chance to stick if he batted from the left side rather than the right (too bad he never learned to switch hit).

Until Bigbie returns, I think you need to keep J-Rod’s power over Schumaker’s defense and I think Miles has earned the right to stick and be ready to claim 2B in case Spivey & Luna’s ST troubles carry over into the season.

And I still would have kept Nelson if Cards had option to send Hancock and the other two to Memphis and keep them “on call.” Nelson would have been insurance should Looper end up a blooper.

Think Adam Kennedy would be available mid-season at a decent price to return to Redbirds fold?

I would like to dwell on how cheap Grud would look at 2 mil, but that would be a waste of time. So is Walt going to pull another rabbit out of the hat? If he has something working it is WAY under the radar. Wish I could feel optimistic about Spivey, but I don’t…

I think Spiezio is on the club. Who is going to backup Pujols and Rolen? Spiezio. In fact, right now there is no one else in camp who can play first base.

I like Schumaker and J-Rod (unless today’s shoulder is a problem). So that leaves Luna and Miles. Miles is playing well but Luna started in LF today. Luna’s versatile. Tough call.

God I hope Spivey can turn things around. Another error and an 0-fer today. He looks horrible. I say cut him loose and keep Luna and Miles but that is not happening.

I have this sinking feeling in my stomach that Spivey will be one of Walt’s worst signings. Hope he proves me wrong.

Looks like the Cardinals brass are making the wrong moves again. Miles is far better second baseman than spivey…why keep? Luna will never perform up to par ..rather have Duncan and/or Gall on my team! Also seems that Looper has nothing… keep another pitcher and release or trade Looper. Anyone agree??

Let’s get 20 or 30 games that count under the team’s belt before releasing a guy who has a three-year deal, eh?


It is 3:45 p.m. on Sat., 4-8-06, and I am furious with Tony LaRussa! How dare you remove Chris Carpenter from the game! He was great. Not only did he lose a change to post a win, but also the team is now losing. We have a great team, but I am questioning the wisdom and sense of the manager. Tony, this disaster in the making is YOUR fault. I hope the team cares enough about you to rescue itself from YOUR mess!

You know, I’ve heard this twice already, and I can’t believe people are so up in arms about this.

It’s not like Carpenter breezed through six innings on 70 pitches. He had to work hard; it took him 97 pitches to get through six innings.

It was very cold and windy, and it’s only his second start of the season — he’s not exactly stretched out to go 120, 130 maxed-out energy-level pitches.

Moreover, I unfortunately don’t have first-hand confirmation of this myself, but the reliable Joe Strauss reports that Carpenter has been dealing with some back stiffness recently.

There’s no reason at all to risk Carpenter’s health in order to win one game in April. There was no reason to think that the setup guys couldn’t get through two innings and get it to Isringhausen.

The Cardinals lost a game. It happens. And there will definitely be times this year when I disagree, sometimes vehemently, with tactical decisions by TLR. But to put this one on the head of the manager is wrong.


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