As KISS once sang, "Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud!"

Anyway. Apparently the trail I blazed last season is finally being followed. Two more of my colleagues at have begun blogging. That makes a total of four of us, and the other three guys are three of our very best (not to mention friends of mine, so maybe I’m biased, but so what?). I’ll be checking out their offerings on a regular basis, and so should you.

Ian Browne, of, introduces Brownie Points.

Mark Feinsand, of, brings you Mark it Down.

And don’t forget Jason Beck over at, who has for quite some time been weighing in with the somewhat less cleverly-named (but still high-quality) Beck’s Blog.

Finally, not an beat guy, but a pitcher I used to cover, brings you Haren’s Heat. I enjoyed covering Dan(ny) when he was in St. Louis. And I offer him congratulations on his offseason accomplishments — becoming engaged, getting a dog and buying a house. Nicely done.

I’ll get back to regular topics soon, I promise. Here’s hoping the weather in Philly holds up tonight.

Ready for a cheesesteak tonight,

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