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The weather is miserable (cold and windy), but your faithful correspondent’s tummy is full. I just polished off a Tony Luke’s cheesesteak. Mmmm… cheesesteak. My favorite cheesesteak at Citizens Bank Park was Geno’s, but there is no longer a Geno’s stand here. Second-best, however, is still pretty doggone good.

In honor of Philly’s great delicacy, here is a list of my top-5 favorite ballpark concessions items from around the National League. (in no particular order)

* Nachos at Shea Stadium, but only from a particular stand around home plate on the mezz level. If you know the place, you know what I’m talking about.

* A cheesesteak at CBP — Tony Luke’s is the place to go for me these days.

* Skyline Chili cheese coney at Great American Ball Park.

* Garlic fries at AT&T Park, with honorable mention to the Krispy Kreme doughnuts at AT&T, and also the beer selection — you can get Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada on tap. Obviously the beer is not for work days.

* Garcia’s burrito at Chase Field (the artist formerly known as the BOB). This item gets a special mention because there’s a special press/employee discount. Very good times indeed.

Sadly, Super Smokers is gone, or a pulled pork sandwich from Super Smokers at Busch Stadium would crack the list. Super Smokers, you are missed.

A couple of AL favorites, though I can’t really list them knowledgably since I don’t get to AL parks that often: Corn off the cob at U.S. Cellular Field (I wrote an entire story centered on this item once); a sausage from a sausage stand outside Fenway Park; BBQ from Gates BBQ at Kauffman Stadium.

What are your favorites?



Sorry this is off topic, but does anyone think that the Brewers will give us a run for are money, they are 3-0. Yes, it may be 3-0 against the Pirates, but they have proven that they can make a comeback.

In a word, no, I don’t. I’m very high on them long term but not convinced in the short term. In a year, I think they’ll be very tough, but for now I think they’re not ready.

I’ve certainly been wrong before, though. And I do think they could finish second, but that’s more because I’m not impressed with anybody else in the division. I peg the Brewers as about an 82-84 win team this year.


Hey, you forgot to mention the Ice Cream that comes in those cute little souveneir hats!! Those are adorable!! I get one of those every time I’m at a game.

Now, while I didn’t have them Tuesday at the Memphis/Springfield game at the New Busch, one food item at the new Busch Stadium that looked really good and tempting was a small little Roast Beef Sandwich stand on the 3rd base size upper mezzanine level that I’m definately going to try out next time I’m at the stadium.

boogs barbecue at camden yards is fantastic. last time i was there i was able to get guinness and smithwick on tap, too. mmm.

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