Those are good burgers, Walter

So here’s the natural follow-up to a post about in-the-park food.

As a general rule, day games can be a little tough, just because they throw your rhythm off. Day-after-night is pretty brutal when you work until 2, 2 1/2 hours after the game and then try to get there at least 3 hours before the next day. (for reference, I arrive at least 3 1/2 hours, ideally 4, before a night game).

But there’s one major upside to a day game — the chance to get out and sample the grub in the city where the team is playing. And few cities are better on that score than Chicago — I had pizza from Gino’s East this evening.

Side note — I have the Bulls-Sixers game on in the background as I type this, and they just showed Carlos Zambrano at the arena. TLR is there as well; I’m doubting they hung out together. Anyway…

Favorite places to eat after a day game around the NL…

* Florida — There’s a Cuban place in Fort Lauderdale that I used to love, but I had a bad experience last time I went there. I’ll need to get around to finding somewhere else.

* New York — What’s NOT to like? There’s too much good food in New York to mention, but as a general rule I always try to get at least one Italian meal when I’m there.

* Cincinnati — Skyline Chili. Not exactly highbrow, but so, so, so very good. Three-way chili, or of course the aforementioned cheese Coney at the park.

* Houston — Whataburger before a night game. For a sit-down meal, there’s a place called Irma’s right by the ballpark, Southwest/Mexican stuff, and it’s fantastic. Not to mention affordable. I’m a fan.

* Milwaukee — The Pasta Tree, near UW-Milwaukee, is excellent and reasonably priced. I also have a coffee place that I love there, but installment three of the NL eating tour will focus on non-meal options.

* Chicago — Gino’s East is it for pizza for me, though Giordano’s is high-quality and so is Due. I also absolutely love Heaven On Seven, which is a Cajun/Creole place with at least two locations — one downtown and one right near the ballpark.

* San Francisco — Another place with scads of great options. I love The Stinking Rose, which is a garlic restaurant. And I always have to go get a burrito in the Mission district. My favorite taqueria in the Mission is Taqueria Cancun, but it’s like the North End in Boston — you can’t go wrong anywhere. I had an unbelievable steak at Harris’ steakhouse there once, but that’s the kind of place I can’t afford on a regular, or even sporadic, basis. Let’s just say if I see ballplayers at a restaurant, it’s probably out of my price range.

* San Diego — Old Town Mexican Cafe. The beer is good and cold, the food is better and hot, and their freshly made tortillas are just wonderful.

* Anywhere in Southern California or Arizona — In-N-Out Burger. The reigning champ. There is none better. Phoenix has both In-N-Out and Whataburger, and that’s not even fair.

If I didn’t list a city, it’s because I haven’t found a favorite place there yet. But I’ll keep looking. Because I’m always looking out for you, the readers. Yeah, that’s it.

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Shut the f#$% up, Donny!

Next time you’re in Denver, check out the Vesta Dipping Grill near the ballpark. For more pedestrian fare, try Benny’s Mexican Restaurant on 7th.

Good eats.

i understand seven on heaven on clark is closed.

Thanks for the Denver tip. My favorite place near the ballpark there is the Falling Rock Tap House, which has an absolutely ridiculous selection of beers. Highly recommended for beverages; dunno about the food, or even if they have food.

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