Ten Random Thoughts on the Home Opener

  1. Really nice game by Mulder. Got the Ks when he needed, got the groundballs when he needed, looked like a hitter, etc. etc. etc. Impressive. As has been discussed all over the Cardinals blogosphere, Mulder’s K rate is something to be aware of. Not just in the abstract, but situationally. K rate is an indicator of future success, and it’s something for the team to watch as they decide whether to commit big dollars to him long term. But the ability to get A strikeout can help you win some games in the short term too.
  2. Rolen’s play in the eighth inning was one of the best I’ve seen him make. Looked just like any time in 2003 or 2004. His arm is ridiculous. His quickness getting to that ball was ridiculous. Wow.
  3. To borrow an observation from a scribe sitting near me up here, the ballpark is nice — not magnificent, not an amusement park, just nice. It’s a ballpark. It’s a good place for a game. It doesn’t feel really gimmicky, and that’s something to like. Better than Cincinnati, no doubt. Not as nice as San Francisco, no doubt. Still, it’s just a good place for a baseball game, and what else do you need?
  4. There’s a lot not to like about the press box, but I know you guys don’t want to hear that. They pay me to come to the park, so basically life is good. But let’s just say I’m very, very glad my seat isn’t in the second row. Actually, personally I have a very good seat. So that’s nice.
  5. Everyone is talking about the food options. It seems to be the one thing that has impressed the most people. I heard of a dessert stand with things like red-velvet cake, and all sorts of intriguing meal choices. Can’t wait to sample.
  6. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day. If you believe in omens, this was a good one. Especially after the misery of the weather in Chicago.
  7. The view really is cool. From my seat, I can see the courthouse, the arch, the Millennium Hotel, all sorts of other downtown buildings… Plus, we were able to watch as they officially put the "Hilton" sign atop the hotel that used to be the Marriott, right across the street from the stadium.

    Here’s my view, as taken on my phone pregame: View_from_seat_1

  8. It was such a treat to see Stan Musial out and doing pretty well, and to hear him speak at the dedication ceremony this morning. I only wish he’d played the harmonica.
  9. Big thanks to the Cardinals’ tech guy, Greg, who was extremely helpful in solving my connectivity problems. Just had to get that in there.
  10. Albert Pujols’ single-mindedness, his obsession with hitting, and with playing the game and winning, is a huge part of what makes him great. But sometimes, I find myself wishing he had a little more fun with things. The guy hit the first Cardinals home run in the new ballpark, and he said it didn’t matter to him at all. You just kind of wish anybody in that position would really be able to enjoy it, to appreciate it. He is what he is, and he’s the MVP and the best right-handed hitter in the league in large part because he’s so driven to win and to get better. But I just have to think there’s a little room to step back, take a deep breath, and say, "Hey, that’s a pretty cool thing to have done."
  11. OK, one more. As I write this, they’re turning the lights on. And it’s pretty impressive. I’ve been told that the lights are one of the biggest improvements in the new place, and if this evening’s partial test is any indication, I was told correctly.
  12. And one small anecdote. I shaved my beard off last night, and I’m thrilled about it; much more comfortable. Lots of people notice, some gave me grief. When Brad Thompson noted it, I joked to him, "I’m just trying to look younger than you." He said to me, "You succeeded!" That’s saying a lot, but I think he’s right. I expect I will get carded to rent R-rated movies at the video store now.



Hey, I shaved my beard of for Opening Day too. Of course, the real reason is I’m a groomsman in a wedding coming up soon, but I figured I’d go ahead and use the Home Opener as an excuse. And I made the same joke about Brad Thompson with a co-worker. 🙂

just found this blog matt. looking forward to it. so far, so good. i like it. thanks for doing it.

I wonder, if it is possible,
later in the season if Larry

Walker well rested might attempt to come back.If not could he try out for the St.Louis Blues? What about his chances for the Hall of


I am a life long Cardinal fan living in New York. I get the Cardinals games on Cablevision through the MLB package. The reason for my email is this. As psychotic as this may sound, the centerfield camera at the old Busch was probably the best angle in all of baseball. It was close and intimate and it gave you what appeared as the most accurate view of the strike zone. Through the minor league game, and the first two games with the Brewers, the view at the new Busch looks as if the camera is mounted across the street. It makes the stadium look huge and impersonal. Is there any forum in which I can express this to the Cardinals? Has anyone else, or am I the only one **** enough to notice?

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