Close enough?

First, thanks for all the responses, positive and negative, to my previous post. I’m glad y’all are reading, and delighted to get so many comments.

Anyway… I think the fine folks over at The Birdwatch are onto something. Not on something — onto something.

It looks to my eyes like the radar gun at new Busch Stadium is a little slow. Now, mind you, this is progress from the gun at the old place, which would give you readings anywhere from 40 mph to 111 mph to 9.12 farthings per parsec. But still, it’s odd.

Either basically every pitcher on the Cardinals staff has lost about 3 mph off his fastball, or the gun is slow. Carpenter and Marquis have both routinely read about 89 mph on the gun, and that just seems off.

Any thoughts?



And as soon as I post this, I see a pitch from Carpenter show at 92 on the stadium gun.

Geez — do I really have that much impact? Scary.


You are the M in I did not forget you homey. Just forgot how to add your blog. ..done and done.

maybe it’s just me but radar guns are way overrated. i mean, it might be fine to gauge if a pitcher has lost velocity at some point in the game, but little more than that.

remember: a radar gun can’t measure movement.

I thought the same thing when I was watching Looper pitching against the Brewers on Wed. He was topping out at 89 mph.

In today’s game, he hit 94. Go figure. Maybe the radar guys read your blog and fixed the gun.

Radar guns as you know arnt 100% accurate in the first place. Sometimes they can pick up things like bat speed the impact of the ball coming off the bat and things like that so some people live and die about how hard a person throws but as a High school baseball coach I look more into how they throw strikes and the pitcher’s control(something that is a lost art in the MLB it seems).
Speed is great but I would rather have a guy that throws a little bit slower and can pick apart the strike zone than a wild fireballer.

M your doing a great job with the posts as usual keep it up!

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