Four observations and a link

I sometimes grouse about going to Pittsburgh, but only because my history here hasn’t been very good. I’ve had way too many bad driving experiences here, and my first time here, I stayed at an awful, awful motel. So I have nothing against the city, but it’s not been a trip I look forward to — despite the lovely PNC Park.

Anyway, four observations upon my arrival in Pittsburgh.

1. They love their Stillers. Love ’em, love ’em, love ’em. I saw more Steelers gear in the airport today than you even see Cardinals gear in St. Louis. Good stuff.

2. When you are coming out of the terminal area at the airport, and going down to baggage claim, you see a pair of wax statues next to one another. They are, and I cannot make this up, statues of Franco Harris and George Washington. Awesome. What a great combination.

3. Taxis here have a meter rate of 23 cents per 1/7 of a mile. I’m not making that up. $1.61 a mile, and it clicks off at the rate of 23 cents, seven times a mile.

4. They’re very friendly here. I love that. Not many cities this far north are this friendly.

One other thing… My friend and colleague Derrick Goold blogged at much more length than I did about the Hector Luna question over at the Post-Dispatch’s site yesterday. Derrick is a little less of an H.Luna backer than I am, but we’ve both pondered the same things, and he definitely did the topic justice. It’s worth reading — as Derrick’s blog tends to be.


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Pujols just hit his 4 th consecutive homer!

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