Wainwright and Hancock

If I knew how to do trackbacks, I’d do this a different way. Obviously I’m still something of a blogging newbie.

But Ryan VB at Cardinals Diaspora raised an interesting point about last night’s game, something I thought about myself. Why was it Josh Hancock, rather than Adam Wainwright, pitching the long relief?

The Earl Weaver Method — which, in my estimation, is about the best justification for ANY strategy — of developing young pitchers is that you use them in long relief. You use them in games just like last night, when you get stretch them out and get them 3-4 innings without giving them the pressure of a start. (By the way, if you’re a baseball fan and you’ve never read Weaver On Strategy, go find a copy and read it. Seriously.)

But as Danup suggested in the comments, the reasoning is that Wainwright’s stock has gone up quite a bit. He’s not a guy they want pitching mop-up. They want him as an integral part of the bullpen, a guy who can get big outs in games where the outcome is in doubt.

I asked skipper La Russa this morning about using Hancock rather than Wainwright, and here was his response:

"He (Wainwright) is going to have plenty of innings. He’s going to have
plenty of appearances. The thing we want to do is preserve him where you’re not
— right now he’s one of our better weapons out there. You don’t want to waste
him in a game like that."

I followed up, suggesting that sometimes you want to get a young guy innings. His response:

"That’s if he
was in a different category. Right now he’s pitching effectively and we need
him to do his thing."

Encouraging both for Wainwright and the team, I think.

Now playing on the PNC Park PA system: Elvis Costello, "Peace, Love and Understanding." Great tune. They’ve played some fantastic stuff this week.



ah ha! yeah, that’s a really good point. i guess i sort of subconsciously knew recalled he was the best righty in the pen right now, but didn’t even consider that aspect. i guess that’s why TLR’s the skipper, huh?

I will say this — I may disagree with his reasons sometimes, but there always IS a reason.


I wondered the exact samew things about the use of Hancock and Wainwright, but I came to the same conclusions myself. It’s nice to know I’m so smart.😉

What’s so funny ’bout peace, peace, peace…

Hancock had a good outing yesterday and several in a row since Chicago. If it wasn’t for the Rincon implosion, his line would have been better. He just needs to be more consistent and Tony will trust him.

Wainwright has a great curveball. Hopefully, this is the start of seeing a young pitcher develop into something special in the future.

Nice post. I had wondered the same thing, but unfortunately I can’t just up and ask Tony like you can… [jealousy rises].

Also, I added a trackback to this post that explains how to go about trackbacking. However, as far as I can tell, you can only trackback other MLBlogs, so it won’t help you in this case anyway.

Have a good weekend (we’ll miss your articles) and let’s go Cardinals!



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