Lazybones, call me lazybones

Believe it or not, I’m coming up on some more time off. Am I slack or what?

This one is badly needed. Last week, even though I wasn’t covering games, I traveled on two of the three days I didn’t work. This weekend will be lazy — sleeping, watching some ball on TV, watching some playoff hockey and basketball, and of course the Nextel Cup boys at Talladega. I don’t really care much about the NFL Draft, except insofar as it’s a chance to talk a little college football.

I love this time of year, not so much sports-wise but beacuse it’s time to start looking ahead to summer. Summer concert tours, summer movies, summer weather, etc etc etc. The new Pearl Jam disc is coming out soon, the Black Crowes are touring, Lollapalooza has a cool lineup. And, of course, SNAKES ON A PLANE.

Suppose I don’t have much to offer right now, but I didn’t want to go a full week without posting. In the interim, check out some of the links over on the side. There’s a lot of good stuff out there, particularly in the Cardinal blogosphere.

Now playing on the iPod: Simpatico! by Velocity Girl. Underappreciated band.



Thaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankes win a night game. See a pic of Damons slide, vote for Jeter to be MVP, and even play a game or look at the photo albums…….
Come Join The Madness….

How about a little run support for Carpenter? He’s pitched well enough to be 5-0. What do you think?

Hey M, what is Junior Spivey’s current location?

Man, how many days off does one get during a baseball season? And that Yankees “signature call” has got to be THE stupidist and most annoying in all of sports. Not even close.

Well, I cover about 135 games a year, so I figure I’m earning my keep.

And, yeah, the Michael Kay call pretty much drives me insane too.

Real post coming soon. Maybe tonight, depending on how this story I have to write goes.


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