Here and there

I just finished some extra work I had. It’s 1:something am and there’s a day game coming in 11 hours. But anyway, here are a few thoughts…

* Something to watch Tuesday, and going forward, will be whether Sidney Ponson can continue to be this successful with so few strikeouts. According to my math, he has the third-lowest K/9 rate of any NL pitcher with at least 20 innings this year. Likely that will climb some, but it will have to if he’s going to keep an ERA in the 3s.

* My first reaction to the new Pearl Jam disc is very positive. However, the beautiful bride (hi, Erin!) raises an excellent point about it — Man, has Eddie become hard to understand. Thankfully the lyrics are included with the CD.

* I am a big Family Guy fan. But after South Park did a number on them, I’ll never be able to watch that show the same way. Cold, and dead-on.

* In 180 big league at-bats, John Rodriguez now has a career line of .317/.400/.461. Just throwing that out there.

Currently playing on the iPod: Pearl Jam, Live in NYC 12/31/92. It was included when I ordered the new album from the fan club. Good stuff. I like bands that take care of their fan clubs (PJ and U2 both come to mind).



As long as Heavy P can keep getting 60% of his outs on the ground, he can live without the k’s. But I’d like to see him get ’em up to around 5 per 9.

It’s not just Ponson who isn’t striking them out, it’s the whole staff outside of Carp. The team is 15th in the NL in the K/9 category, around 5 per 9.

I’d love to see a power arm added midseason, but it may take a miracle.

It’s a fine point — Suppan, in particular, has a K rate right about the same as Ponson’s. But Mulder’s is just about where it was last year, and Marquis’ is actually a little higher.


With the way J-rod is playing, Is there any reason why he shouldn’t start in left and bat 2nd every day until something changes?

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