Hail the Juice Box

I know, Cardinals fans, that this was not a fun series to watch. The club is not hitting like it ought to, for a variety of reasons.

I can tell you, though, this was a tremendous series to attend. First, Minute Maid Park is simply the best place to work in the National League. In every aspect that matters to someone covering a game, it’s top-flight. Well, they’ve started cranking the music up WAY too loud (I know, if it’s too loud, I’m too old. Whatever.), but aside from that, zero complaints.

But more than that, there’s a charge at this place when the Cardinals come to town. With no insult intended to the intensity of Cardinals fans, I believe this is true: beating the Cards means more to Astros fans than beating the Astros means to Cards fans. This place has a near-playoff atmosphere for every regular-season game between these two teams.

It’s great fun. If you’re a Cardinals fan, and you’ve never been to an STL-HOU game at Minute Maid Park, you owe it to yourself to make the trip sometime. It’s a great experience.

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John Gall is going to be a good player, but has been chasing every slider he gets since his call-up. I think La Russa did not use him against Lidge for that reason.

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