Magic Ticket

No game from yesterday to discuss. So I’m going to throw something else out there to
mess around with.

When I lived in Seattle, one conversation we’d often have in the office was this: If you were given an all-expenses-paid trip to see any sporting event in the world, what would it be? You get to go to the place and take in the event.

Let’s give it this one qualification: you have to know it’s going to happen. So you can say World Series, but not a Cardinals-Yankees World Series. You can say World Cup, even specifically the World Cup in Germany this year, but not "I’d love to see the World Cup if they ever held it in Brazil." Got it?

My choice, the same one we always used to come back to when I was in Seattle — the Grand Prix of Monaco.

What about y’all?



I know last night that I said The Masters, but now I think the World Series of Poker.

Though I just checked and it’s at Harrah’s this year which, admittedly, holds less appeal than it was still at Binion’s.

Sunday at The Masters.

Monaco for me. Would you please take your O’ Dad with you. By the way, I’m loving Michael Schumacher’s rebirth. It’s all about the Big Red Ferraris and the best driver in history.

final four. women’s or men’s.

Olympic Track and Field Finals – or Japanese World Series

Olympics is a good one. One of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed in sports — maybe the coolest — was in Atlanta in ’96.

I was just a couple of months out of college, and I finagled tickets to a couple of days of track and field. I got to see the end of the decathlon, which was definitely cool, and some distance running, and — my favorite — the relays. Relay preliminaries, but still.

The highlight, though, was the 200 meters. The whole place was just charged for the event, because those were Michael Johnson’s games.

The record going in was 19.68 second. Johnson blew away the field, and when I looked at his time on the scoring board, I figured it had to be 19.82. But no, it was 19.32 — he had absolutely obliterated the record. The reaction was just thunderous. Something I’ll never forget.

If you get a chance to go to the Olympics, do not miss it. Great stuff.


Olympics is good, but I’d have a tough time picking a particular event. So, I’m going way off the chart and saying that I would like to go to the biggest Herding Event held anywhere in the British Isles. How’s that for a different sport. Border Collies chasing sheep. That’s my dream! Although I LOVE THE CARDINALS!

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