Ankiel update from Florida

Eric Pfahler, whom I met this spring when he covered Spring Training for a group of newspapers in Southeast Florida, had an update on Rick Ankiel recently. It’s a well-done story, and the upshot is this: They don’t think Anks will need surgery, but he’s progressing very slowly. He can run, but he can’t cut or do much laterally.

Check out the full story here.



Can you tell me how Ugueth Urbina is doing? IF he doesn’t get sent to prison, he could be a decent pickup. I read an article on, and it doesn’t sound good.
Here is the article:

What is your opinion on the attempted murder charge, can you find out more information, and do you think he could be a good pickup for the Cardinals, if not who do you think he’ll sign with?

Can we forget about Ankiel already?! This guy is just taking up valuable roster space.

The Cards need to take him off the DL and see if he clears waivers. If he clears, send him to the minors and see what he can do. If he is claimed, then good luck to him and lets move on.

I personally think the injury is not that serious and the Cards are using it to keep him on the roster in the hopes that other teams will forget about him.

If he clears waivers once, and we bring him back up, when we want to send him back down (assuming we would) would he have to clear waivers again?


The same thing applies to any player. Once you are out of options, you cannot be sent to the Minors without being exposed to other teams anymore.


Can someone let me know why Ankiel is still a part of the organization period, especially after his decision to not pitch again. Is the front office’s thinking “We’ve already invested so much money in the guy, we might as well keep him?” Or what?

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