I've got information, man! New (stuff) has come to light! (6:05 PM CT UPDATE)

So here’s the latest update, as of about 6:05 p.m. CT, with things taking a little more shape…

* Timo Perez is present and will be active for the game. He looks disconcertinglylike a smaller Edgar Renteria, but that’s neither here nor there. It now sounds as though the move will be to option Anthony  Reyes to Memphis, and not put Edmonds on the DL yet at this time. They still have not made an announcement, though.

* Chris Carpenter threw a bullpen this afternoon. It went well, he felt good, he threw his full repertoire and felt nothing out of the ordinary. Now, assuming he feels good tomorrow, the question will be where he slots back into the rotation. Duncan and TLR both said it will likely be in the Cincinnati series. Tuesday seems like the most likely bet, since that’s the next time they’ll need somebody other than Ponson-Mulder-Marquis-Suppan.

* Edmonds is feeling better. He talked to a crowd of reporters and said his condition is improved, and that he can swing a bat — he just can’t run. I’m still figuring he’s DL-bound, but it’s not a certainty.

* David Eckstein is in the lineup and good to go, though a little sore on the wrist.



well some one tells me why when I am at bush stadium or when I watch a game jason I loads the bases, looses the games (mulder or ponson) and blames it on his blanket? If I was the team I would let him soak alone. Does Toni HAS to play him and not remove him when he is in trouble?(most of the time). Is he worth one great game against 25 bad ones? I was sick when he lost it for Mulder and manage to get the win…something should be done in changing the way the pitcher are scored. Angelina

Isringhausen didn’t blame it on anyone.

And seriously — “one great game against 25 bad ones?” He had converted 11 save chances in a row, allowing one run in that span.

I know it’s frustrating for fans when the team lets a win get away, but I simply can’t understand the venom towards La Russa and Isringhausen.


You can’t understand the venom? How about more walks than strikeouts and more walks than innings pitched? Izzy has had a great career, but he is pitching scared and it is doubtful that the Cards can win it all with him as closer. Jocketty needs to make a move.

The Cards are blacked out here.

I’m sat down to see what’s happening on Gameday.

It looks like Albert was replaced in the top of the third.

Anybody know what’s going on?

It is funny why the Cardinals cannot beat the Cubs. Mulder has had two terrible outings in a row- I hope he is just in a slump and not having arm problems. In 1987, did Jack Clark strain his oblique muscle? Whatever injury he had, he missed the final quarter of the season and the World Series.

Mulder should be out of ST. Louis before nightfall. He is gutless and uncaring. Get something for him before he enters the free agent market.

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