Sunday intrigue

Plenty of stuff going on at the yard today. Here’s a nutshell, and we’ll have plenty of in-depth coverage of all of it as the day goes on.

* Pujols is going on the DL. He came in feeling sore again today, eliminating that very, very small hope that the doctor had held out, so we’re talking weeks, not days. Chris Duncan was called up to take his roster spot.

* Apparently they feel more comfortable with Duncan as a first baseman than with John Gall, and of course Schumaker isn’t a first baseman at all.

* Edmonds is back in the lineup for the first time in more than a week, playing first base. Everyone says he’s getting better, and the explanation that was given to me is that playing first base won’t put the same kind of strain on his injury that playing the outfield would.

* Elsewhere, the lineup is pretty interesting too. Taguchi’s in center field and batting second. Rolen is hitting third with Edmonds cleanup. Timo Perez is getting his first start, playing left field and batting sixth. Gary Bennett is catching Marquis again, and Luna is at second base, batting eighth.

And one other very important thing — a big happy birthday to my dad! I love you and I wish I were there today.



Matt-Just off the hip, what’s the realistic best case/worst case scenario on Pujols based on what you know?

I know, sorta a loaded question..

Backatcha! Being your Dad is the one thing I can still do that you can’t.

Matt, What about Daubach?!

He is batting .296/.405/.521 at Memphis and plays 1B.

With the reports that Pujols will be out for an extended period and Spezio still not playing, I was surprised that Daubach was not called up.

The Cards have an open spot on the 40-man roster so that’s not an excuse. I’m wondering why Daubach is even in the Cards organization. If he can’t get a call when Pujols goes down, when will he?

I like Duncan but I believe giving him ABs and outfield time at Memphis will benefit him much more than sitting on the bench in STL.

Your thoughts?

Baseball is the greatest sport I know. But to me, on a par, is football (soccer to most of you). The greatest show on Earth (The World Cup) starts on Friday.
It is still bigger than the olympics.

I will be starting a totally new, non-baseball, blog for the duration of the competition.

Please, one and all, come and join in the fun. Even if you know feck all, or even dislike the sport.

It will be a fun 4 weeks folk..

It puts Pujols’ greatest into perspective when you think about the likelihood that he could spent 15-20 games (hopefully not more) on the DL and still lead the league in RBIs and be in the top 3 in HRs.

As a team, the Cardinals will get through–just look at last year without Rolen.

When do we start worrying about how are closer is pitching? This is the second blown save I’ve seen in less that a week. I don’t want to get down on Izzy, but he just isn’t cutting it. I don’t care that he leads the national league in saves. He needs to be able to shut the door or the Cards need to find someone who can.

Last winter during the off-season, I hinted that our Cardinals needed to use Izzy and others for trade bait, and get a closer who can do the job. For that I was mildly scolded by you. What say you now? I am more convinced that ever! What good is a closer who can’t close?


your column is one of few i read. i like your level of feedback.

the music info is just bonus. nice touch.

i’m also in your invitational fantasy baseball league. colorado cardinals is my team name.

very fun and you are a formidable foe.

my comment is that nobody wants to talk about izzy.

i see a potentially severe issue with the attitude of “i’m just looking for the right match-up.”

i don’t feel loading the bases or putting 2 on with a 2 run lead is “setting up” any good senario for anybody.

his job is to get people out, not to put them on and put the game in jeopardy.

scott rolen took the fall for his 2 run error the other night and feel that’s somewhat unfare. he didn’t lose the game, izzy did.

those runners shouldn’t have been on base in the first place. izzy’s trying too hard and not throwing.

just my opinion, share yours if you will.

scott m.

lakewwod, co

Izzy is undependable and has been so all season. I’m sorry that he is being booed, but he brings it on himself. All these walks are unacceptable. It seems as though we must have a four or five run lead when he comes in for the 9th inning because we know he will walk one or two and/or give up a homerun. We need a more reliable closer–NOW! I agree that Izzy was to blame over the weekend against the Cubs, not Rolen. How long until Tony and Walt get some help in the “closer” department?

I realize, like everyone else, that Izzy just doesn’t seem to have it when the game is on the line. But last night, why didn’t LaRussa go ahead and walk Griffey? Not to do so was the stupidist non move I’ve ever witnessed lately. Griffey is obviously hot and the next batter, who would also be a challenge, but you have double play capability and Dunn would not be as great a threat.

Two things I would like to add.
1.)Mulder is telegraphing his pitches.If I can see it on TV. I’m sure the hitters can see it.I’ve noticed while watching him pitch that when he throws his curve, it looks like he’s wrapping his wrist around the ball.It’s a slower movement.When he throws the splitter, it’s a little bit of a quicker move with the wrist.You can’t see his wrist bend as much. Fastball even less.I could tell waht he was about to throw.I guessed 5 out of 6 pitches correctly.The one I missed was a fastball I thought was going to be a splitter.

2.)I don’t like this junk about allowing Izzy to walk folks to get the matchup he wants.That’s stupid.As was said by someone else, his job is to get people out. Not put tying or go ahead runners on by walks, then try not to give up the big home run. We need a closer who shuts the door PERIOD. If Izzy can’t get it done anymore, and it appears he can’t, then I must say he deserves any boos he might hear coming his way.You might want to call it classless, but that just like, uh, your opinion man.You don’t hear many boos in St.Louis, but we as fans can only take so much of the blown saves and it is our only avenue to let the players hear our displeasure.Afterall, we do pay higher prices to see this team this year.And I know it’s a new ballpark and it’s beautiful.But we don’t want to pay higher prices to see a lesser team than the last couple of years.And you must remember that many of us don’t like the way our ownership didn’t pick up any big names before heading into a new season in a new ballpark.So forgive us if we don’t tolerate failure as easily as in the past.

I am worried that the Cardinals don’t have enough offense to win without Pujols. They have looked horrible against the Reds. Of course, Monday our bullpen let us down. I wish the Cardinals could make a move and get some more pop for their lineup. We have to find a way to win without Pujols.

I think Pujols being on the DL is going to expose some of the club’s current weaknesses being the lack of quality pitching starts and inability to “add runs” in the late innings like they did so often in 2004. And they don’t have a Sanders who lets face it was “the team” on many a night last summer. Pujols out till after the All-Star game can sink the season for us!

The best part of MLBlogs is that whether you are a player, fan or journalist it gives you a place to share your thoughts and opinions on not only baseball but just about anything you want to share. The number of people and the places they come from is amazing to see each day! I recently had visitors to my MlBlog from Puerto Rico, the Netherlands, England, Taiwan and several other countries as well as almost all of the 50 states.


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Let the Trade Winds start blowing into St. Louis!!! Here is what I propose and why I propose it! Mark Mulder to the Washington Nationals for Alfonso Soriono! Mulder is a free agent who “apparently” will command 11 or 12 million next year, we all know that the cards are not going to pay that to keep him around especially with the way he is pitching right now. Anthony Reyes and Adam Wainright will be in the rotation next year anyways so you might as well let Reyes start now. He has amazing stuff and has showed that the few times he has started this year for the big club. Yes Soriano also commands big money but trading Mulder takes care of that contract and Reyes and Wainright will come cheap right now and Soriano is young talented and perfect protection for Pujols no matter if he plays left or 2nd base. So lets stop the talk about Craig Wilson or some other bargain guy that can’t even start for the Pirates and go get what we really need!! Its time for management to see what we need and to realize that bumping the payroll a bit to put such a talent on the team is just fine..We expect a championship caliber team on the field and ownership can show us that they know that by making this move!! I’m interested in hearing anyones thoughts on this! Thanks for your time!

I agree with Slata, in the fact that the team could use another bat or two in the lineup. However, one thing that must be remembered is that for the past three years we were not slated to be a championship team. 2 years ago I think we were predicted to be number 3 in the division, and last year we were to win the division but not much more. The team that is put on the field has always found a way to win. If Walt and the rest of the big wigs want to release some salary that is their business. Another thing to remember is that just because a player isn’t starting for a team like the pirates or royals doesn’t mean that they are terrible. Those are the guys that are cheap and can usually make a difference late in the year after they see the way St. Louis fans stand behind their team.

I think Craig Wilson would be a good acquistion for the Cardinals. What impresses me about him is that he has a high OBP. I wonder if he would be willing to play left field for the Cards?

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