Pittsburgh never fails

This city never fails to deliver some amusement, bless ’em.

I noticed this last time I was here, but it just needs to be broadcast everywhere. Not only do they shoot hot-dog cannons during the games here at PNC Park, but they have a wonderful, wonderful jingle as they do…

"It’s time to launch some hot dogs… it’s time to launch some hot dogs… It’s time to launch some hot dogs and catch yourself some meat!"


Second, right by the Cardinals team hotel, there is a Kwik-E-Mart.
Not a "Quickie Mart," or a "Kwik Mart," or a "Quick Stop."
A Kwik-E-Mart.


I dig this city more every time I come here.


(Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? I doooooooooo!)


Thank you, come again.

I think you need to add that to Wikipedia’s list at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convenience_store

* 7-Eleven

* ampm at ARCO gas stations.

* Allsup’s

* AmeriStop Food Mart

* A-Plus at Sunoco gas stations.

* Beckers Milk, Mike’s Mart, Daisy Mart

* BreakTime

* Casey’s General Stores

* Circle K

* CoGo’s

* Cumberland Farms

* Express Lane

* E-Z Mart

* Famima!! (FamilyMart)

* Fas Mart

* Friendly Neighbor Convenience Store

* GetGo, a division of Giant Eagle

* Git n Go

* Golden Gallon

* Han-dee Hugo’s

* High’s Dairy Store

* Kum & Go

* Kwik Shop, a division of Kroger

* Kwik Trip

* Loaf’n Jug, a division of Kroger

* Macs Milk

* On the Run at Exxon & Mobil stations in the US; Esso and Mobil stations internationally.

* OXXO, a Mexican chain of convenience stores

* Pilot Corporation (Typically operates travel centers, but also owns many convenience stores in and around Tennessee)

* Quick Chek

* QuikTrip

* QuikStop, a division of Kroger

* RaceTrac

* RaceWay

* Road Runner

* Royal Farms

* Sheetz

* Shore Stop

* Speedway SuperAmerica owned by Marathon Oil

* Stewart’s Shops

* Stop’n’Go

* Store 24

* Stuckey’s

* Tom Thumb, a division of Kroger

* Town & Country Food Stores,

* Turkey Hill, a division of Kroger

* Uni-Mart

* Wawa

* Weigel’s

My personal favorite name on that list is Git n Go. Your next post should be about best names for “Big Glugs”, which ones have the best cuppage and straw size, and especially lid findability. Coincidentally, Mark Cuban wrote on his Game 1 blog at http://www.blogmaverick.com that his routine at home includes stopping at the 7-Eleven (shouldn’t style be Seven-11) for a sandwich.



Gives new meaning to “stopping for a Kwik-E”. Perhaps somewhere there is a convenience store called “Afternoon Delight.”

Also, are the cannon fodder hotdogs real ‘dogs, or turkey/chicken substitute dogs? A turkey/chicken ‘dog, whether fired from a cannon or not, is still a turkey/chicken ‘dog. Ugh.

pittsburgh is one of the most underrated cities in america. and it’s actually a pretty city in the summer, very green.

great mom & pop italian restaurants, wonderfully friendly people, mild climate. just a great place.

and an absolute palace of a baseball park.

How can that list have the Kum & Go and not the Kwik-E-Mart? Seriously, people?

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